Automated Discounts

Run Promotions Your Way

Stand out from competitors with powerful promotional discounting tools. Incentivize sales of specific products you want to push and create increased value perception for your customers.

  • Unlimited coupon presets
  • Easy setup interface
  • Impact tracking and sales
  • Auto-apply discounts and coupons
  • Dine-in, takeout and online discounts
  • Employee accountability reports
Automated Discounts

Drive a crowd of customers through your door

Coupon promotions can increase foot traffic as much as 15% in a single day. Rezku gives you total control to create profitable discount presets, coupons and loyalty program discounts.

  • Unlimited discounts and coupons
  • Discount by product or order
  • Discounts by day or time
  • Coupon eligibility search
Drive a crowd of customers through your door

Become a wizard of coupons

Rezku’s ease of coupon creation is unprecedented. In just a few clicks you can craft coupons that are compelling and profitable. BOGO, family-packs and more, based on qualifying products.

  • Loyalty points discounts
  • BOGO deals
  • Buy more and save
  • Discount by dollar or percentage
Become a wizard of coupons

Don’t lose your shirt on promotions

Don’t worry about coupon abuse and loopholes eroding your profits. Rezku protects your business by locking coupons to certain days and times, setting limits and reporting employee abuse.

  • Coupon limit controls
  • Employee abuse tracking
  • Discount profit reporting
  • Auto-apply coupons
Don’t lose your shirt on promotions

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