Kitchen Display System

The Most Powerful Restaurant KDS

Rezku Smart KDS is an entirely reimagined update to kitchen display systems. Our team of advanced system designers have created the world's most modern interpretation of a functional touchscreen-based kitchen management system, helping you achieve unprecedented levels of kitchen productivity.

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Kitchen Display System

Rezku's Smart KDS

Rezku’s Smart KDS is designed to keep your kitchen moving. Cutting-edge features prevent costly mistakes while enabling your staff to push plates out to your guests faster.

Rezku Smart KDS
  • Tablet computer screens
  • Mounts with VESA standard hardware
  • Easy setup wireless technology
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Affordable - no special video equipment
  • Large high resolution screens up to 22 inches
  • Designed for modern restaurant production

Get ready for an entirely different kitchen display experience

Rezku’s team of advanced system designers have created the world's most functional kitchen management system, to help you achieve unprecedented results. And it’s easy to use.

Attain total dominion over Inventory

Utterly unique. Exactly what you need.

Rezku’s exclusive SKDS system breaks the mold and reimagines what a kitchen display system should be for 21st century kitchens.

Utterly unique. Exactly what you need.

Save paper — The green kind

Every year a busy restaurant spends over $3000 on printer paper, consumables and repair. Cut these costs by only printing orders when you need to. Stay in the flow, eliminate work stoppages due to changing rolls and ink on busy nights.

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Welcome to your Smart Kitchen

Rezku SKDS is the groundbreaking kitchen management system you’ve been dreaming of. Exactly what restaurants need to step into modern kitchen production optimization. Exclusively available with your Rezku POS system.

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