Why You Should Use Cloud-Based POS

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What is the “Cloud”

In basic terms, it is the internet. More accurately, it is a web-based storage of information and data that can be accessed by various computers and devices from any location with internet access.

Before the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, most businesses relied on internal servers; usually, rows of dedicated computers stuff in a room in the basement, watched by an admin. You could access your information locally from a computer that is hardwired to the server, but once you went home unless you had special remote access to the network, you were out of luck.

With the rise of the internet and the increasing amount of data needing to be stored, companies started moving their servers off-site and using dedicated hosting companies. This allowed more employees to access their information from home.

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As wireless technology developed and access to company data on smart devices became prevalent, the limitations of having your data stored in one dedicated location became obvious. Smart companies began storing their information on multiple servers, in multiple locations, creating a redundant network that even losing one or more server locations, could still access their information with little issues if any. These “distributed redundant networks” became the first cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Computing

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Some of the benefits of using cloud-based computing include the reliability of the network. You can rest easy knowing your data is always there and always ready to be accessed. On top of that, you will no longer have the cost of maintaining a server room and on-site admin. Using standardized software allows you to get to your information from any device you may have on your person, save changes, get updates, or sync to all devices. In the end, not having to worry about maintaining a network frees up resources that you can concentrate in other areas.

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Cloud VS. Traditional POS

Traditional POS systems are slowly being taken over by the ease of use cloud-based systems. The large up front purchase of specialized software and hardware is not ideal for most new business and restaurants when they are already stretching their budget to get up and running. Compared to a small monthly fee and almost no cost for the hardware, cloud-based is an ideal solution.

Most businesses can no longer spare the room or resources to have on-site servers with a dedicated administrator on-site or on-call in case of emergencies. With little to no support, once you bought the hardware, you then must worry about data loss, hardware failure, or loss due to a natural disaster or even theft. All these issues are taken out of your hands when using a cloud-based service.

Benefits of Cloud-Based POS

With the advancements in smart devices, network security, and wifi, cloud-based systems have become the ideal solution to the modern point of sale needs. Having the freedom of a tablet-based system allows businesses to interact with their customers easier, change their orders on the fly, and any special requests and additions sent directly to the kitchen.

Since the cloud-based system is so stable, most businesses will experience little to no downtime. However, since no network is perfect 100% of the time,the dependency on the internet is the only weak point. The best of the cloud-based systems use an offline mode allowing businesses to keep taking payments in a secure setting. Compared to an on-site server crashing and losing your data, cloud-based is the way to go.

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They create a customized menu for you, saving you time to focus on running your business

What Rezku POS does Differently

Rezku POS takes advantage of the cloud to bring industry changing features to our customers while running on the iPad iOS; this allows for the most stable and secure platform for the POS system. Not only do we provide in-house support, every team member you speak to has hands-on experience with the system. As well as top-notch support, they create a customized menu for you, saving you time to focus on running your business.

Not only do we help our customers, but also listen to them, taking the best suggestions and integrating them into our system; this allows us the ability to provide the most up-to-date, innovative features our customers want. One of those is robust Back Office feature, allowing you to further customize your menu, create a floor plan, manage your employees, and even view and export detailed reports from every aspect of business operations.

Finally, with our safe and secure offline mode, we remove the only weakness of cloud-based systems, allowing you to continue running your business, even without an active internet connection. Rezku POS, a superior product supported by a superior team; all these features, at industry competitive pricing.

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