What is the Best iPad POS System?

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Restaurant Tablet POS

The iPad revolution has taken over the hospitality industry. With unbeatable performance and reliability, more restaurants, bars and other food and beverage service concepts are making their new point of sale an iPad POS.

The question you’re asking yourself now is, “which one is the best?” This guide will help you identify the most important differentiating features with iPad point of sale systems on the market and help you make an informed decision.

The most important iPad POS differentiators:

  • Cost of ownership and reliability
  • Data protection, security and liability
  • Intuitive design and ease of use
  • Transparency and service quality

It’s not just about features and hardware. You need an iPad POS you can count on.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

The Best Affordable POS System

Built on Industry Standards

When you buy an iPad POS system you need brands you can trust to keep working for years. A lot of POS systems come with no-name hardware of questionable origin. But the hospitality industry has standards that have established themselves for a reason.

Epson Printers — The long-standing king of commercial and industrial printers. A well-earned reputation to stand up to the harsh environments of the restaurant industry, printing day in and day out seemingly non-stop. These workhorses can be trusted to get the job done. The Rezku POS system uses Epson’s robust hospitality printers.

Ingenico Card Readers — One of the top credit card reader manufacturers in the world. Ingenico is a leader in payment processing technology hardware and security. The durability of Ingenico payment terminals is well established with reliable and fast EMV and PCI compliant payments processing all day. Rezku POS is integrated with Ingenico payment terminal hardware.

This brings us to the 90's, PC based legacy POS systems and the begIndustry standard POS hardware keeps costs down by reducing down-time. And reduces frustrations caused by unreliable off-brand equipment.

Cloud Based POS Advantages

Without the need of on-site POS server hardware you save a lot of money. On-site servers also introduce an extra scope of PCI compliance. Performing your annual PCI audit can become more costly and more complicated with an on-site POS server as well.

With cloud based POS your data is backed up automatically. Stored and saved securely. POS servers need periodic maintenance, backups and introduce a potential point of failure. A cloud based system means you don’t even have to think about it! Rezku POS stores your data in the cloud with no expiration date.

Work from Anywhere you have Internet

Think of how much extra work you can do when you have complete control of your POS from anywhere with an internet connection. And how much gas and time driving will you save when you don’t have to go to the restaurant every time you want to get to work?

The Rezku POS system is fully cloud integrated, which means you have complete control from your laptop or mobile devices. You can change the menu, check sales on the go, print reports, audit time-cards and so much more.

Fight Downtime with Secure Offline Mode

To keep your business running even when the internet stops working, you need a POS system with a 100% PCI compliant offline mode. Rezku POS uses a unique innovation to provide offline reliability while still being cloud based and without the need of onsite server hardware.

Offline mode lets you keep performing business as usual, from tableside service to printing tickets to the kitchen. You may not even realize you’ve lost your internet connection at all. When reliability counts the most is when it’s time to take payments. Cash, credit, gift cards, it all works. And when internet service resumes your offline data syncs automatically.

Superior POS Security

Your iPad POS system controls your cash so you need to trust that it has built in tools to help you manage liability and theft. There are external threats from data theft, fraud and chargebacks, but also internal threats from unscrupulous employees.

PCI and EMV Compliance

PCI is the data security standard that the credit card companies demand that all merchants comply with. It protects credit card companies and businesses and their customers from misuse of sensitive data. PCI compliance can be complicated and costly if your iPad POS system is not 100% PCI compliant. Rezku POS maintains PCI compliance through the E2E encryption standard, never exposing your customers’ card data.

EMV secure payment technology includes chip cards, tap to pay and other wireless payment platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay. EMV technology protects your business from chargeback liability from fraudulent transactions and counterfeit credit cards. Rezku POS is an EMV compliant hardware and software system.

In fact, Rezku POS is the only 100% EMV and PCI compliant iPad POS for restaurants.

System Permissions and Discount Reports

To protect your business from internal threats of theft you need detailed permissions settings in your iPad POS system. Rezku POS has five levels of global security for easily assigning roles to staff members, from no-access to Owner. Additionally, you can assign permissions individually per user, giving you the flexibility to assign a task without handing over the keys to the castle.

When discounts, comps and other potentially suspicious activities are recorded they go into a special report. Each activity record shows you who performed the action, which order it was for and if they left a reason in the notes. This makes increasing employee accountability easy, so you can follow up if necessary.

Inventory Tracking and Auditing

To really control your cost of goods sold (COGS), implement a system of inventory tracking. Your iPad POS should have built in tools to help you do this, and integrate with additional systems you may already use. Inventory tracking in Rezku POS works automatically once ingredients are added to the system. Stock levels are reduced every time a menu item is sold.

For bars this is of particular importance, when it comes to enforcing house pour standards. The difference between consistent drink mixing and constant over-pouring can translate into hundreds of dollars a night. Rezku POS integrates with best-in-class bar inventory management systems, including:

  • BarVision
  • BeerBoard
  • Bar-I Liquid Accounting
  • Beer Saver
  • Digital Pour
  • BevChek

With all these options for monitoring your liquor stock nothing will get past you.

iPad POS Designed Right for Hospitality

You and your staff will be interacting with your new point of sale everyday, for years to come. When choosing the best iPad POS system for your food and beverage service business it’s important to focus on the importance of design.

Built for Bars and Restaurants

Your iPad POS system should be built for the food and beverage industry. There are many iPad POS apps out there but a point of sale built from the ground up for restaurants and bars will have the features you really need. A generic POS system isn’t going to cut it.

From detailed restaurant specific data dashboards to on-the-receipt tip suggestions to the kind of detailed reports you need to understand your business, Rezku POS is designed just for you.

As Simple as an iPhone

The design philosophy that goes into your new iPad POS matters. Do you believe that you should have to work like a point of sale or a point of sale should work like you? Rezku POS is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

When your iPad POS “just makes sense” your training time is reduced to minutes instead of hours. That means you don’t have to schedule special training time for new servers, just show them the basics at the beginning of their shift.

Easy Configuration and Rapid Menu Building

Bosses should get it easy too. Back end settings and configuration should follow a consistent interface design that makes menu building a breeze. Rezku POS is flexible, with a drag and drop interface that lets you organize your menu just the way you like.

From modifiers to happy hours to discounts, loyalty points and more, you’re just a few clicks away from a complete menu build. And with the help of the Rezku POS support team you’ve always got someone on your side.

Choosing the Right POS Company

What’s the use of a big basket of features you don’t know how to use? None. How does it make you feel when you’re on hold and you have customers waiting on you? Not very good. Finding the best iPad POS for your restaurant is just as much about making sure you’re doing business with a company that you can trust to support you when the chips are down.


In business this means being up front with all the costs. Especially in the hospitality industry, you need to know how much cash you’re spending down to the last nickel. You don’t want to be hit with budget-busting extra fees at the last moment.

That’s why transparency and straight up pricing are so important. At Rezku we always give you the whole cost, the final cost out the door, so you can plan ahead and know what to expect. And since Rezku POS is the most affordable and feature rich iPad POS system for hospitality we’ve got nothing to hide.

Best-in-Class Service

You need a company that picks up the phone 7 days a week, day or night, and puts you in touch with someone who’s knowledgeable and has answers to your questions. Since 2012 Rezku has been committed to providing our restaurant partners with concierge level service.

When your floor team calls support will they get a run-around or actionable steps to get your business back on track? If your iPad point of sale is Rezku POS you can count on us.

Try Before you Buy

You should never sign the dotted line or pay a red cent before you’ve had a chance to fully test out your new iPad POS system. When you’re in the research phase you shouldn’t have to sign a contract just to test out the POS you’re going to be using for the next 3-5 years. You need to know it’s right for you before you install it in your business.

With Rezku POS you can try it out with no obligation for two full weeks. You’ll receive training and guidance the whole way. With such an important decision, make sure you fully explore your options before you ink the papers.


Choosing the right iPad POS system for your hospitality business is one of the most important financial and operational decisions you’ll make in the next few years. While there are many iPad POS systems on the market, you can make a decision based on the most important differentiators.

Choose a POS with an affordable cost of ownership that is reliable and built on industry standards, not no-name brands and proprietary equipment.

Pick an iPad point of sale with a focus on security to protect your interests, with features to mitigate losses from both payment fraud and data loss as well as employee theft.

Get a point of sale for your business that features an intuitive design, that makes learning easy for you and your staff. And make sure you’re doing business with a reputable company that will provide outstanding customer support when you need it.

And most importantly, try before you buy to avoid unfortunate surprises. If you’d like help choosing the best iPad POS you can contact the Rezku team today for a free one-to-one consultation. Start your no-obligation free trial and find answers to all your questions.

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