Marketing and Promotions

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Gift Cards, Loyalty, & CRM

Gift Cards

Promote your restaurant with beautiful gift cards and guarantee return business.


Start your own membership rewards program. Tie discounts to points they’ll love to earn!


Know your customers like never before. Store personal details and order history for your marketing list.

Savvy Discounting

By Product or by Order — Apply a discount to an item or to a whole ticket to speed up ordering. Presets — Name a discount and set the discount. Example: "15% Employee discount". Save presets for easy access.
Custom Discounts — On the fly, tap to apply a discount by a percent or dollar amount. Accountability — All discounts and comps are saved to a detailed report showing who discounted what and for how much.
Comps for VIP’s — Comp a whole order or a single item to really impress your special guests. Set Permissions — Discounting and comping is controlled through permissions. Choose to require manager authorization to discount items.

Timed Pricing

Use automated price adjustments that conform to rules you set for the day and time. Just ring in the order normally!

Happy Hours — Set happy hour prices for any item in the menu. Add daily specials that are set up once and keep running until you turn it off. Activate and Deactivate — Pricing rules can be deactivated and reactivated with just a click. Bring back seasonal specials like football wings deals every year.
Daily Deals — Create a different pricing schedule for every day, or throughout the day. $2.00 Tuesday Tacos return to their regular price automatically. Apply Period Pricing on the Fly — Managers can apply period pricing to items even outside the presets. Two minutes after happy hour and you want to give a discount to a regular? No problem, just tap to enable.
Seasonal Prices — Adjust prices seasonally to reflect changing food costs. Automatically raise prices during tourist season.

Evaluate Marketing Effectiveness

Rezku POS helps you determine the ROI (return on investment) for your marketing efforts through detailed sales reporting. It's important to know if the money you spend on marketing is paying off.

Split tickets

Gift Card Report — View the number of gift cards sold and for how much.

Automated gratuity

Sales By Category — Are you promoting new menu items? See how well they're performing against your existing menu by viewing their sales separately. Or see how new happy hour promotions are affecting drink sales.

Merge tickets

Sales By Hour — Look at how your restaurant's inflow of sales changes over time depending on your marketing efforts.


Sales By User — See which servers are effective at up-sales and which ones need mentoring. Run sales contests to inspire staff.


Sales By Product — See which individual items in the menu are selling the most. Determine if promotions of specific items are effective.

Five service types

Period Sales — View sales during timed promotional pricing to determine if discount specials are generating the increased sales desired.

To learn about additional ways that Rezku POS helps make restaurant managers more effective, more productive, take a look at our Restaurant Management Features.

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