Order & Pay at Table

Speed up service with order and pay at table

Impress your guests with a sense of immediacy, get orders to the kitchen faster and finely tune service logistics. Rezku gives you more ways to take orders wherever your customers are.

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Order & Pay at Table

Get more from your mobile point of sale

Rezku Ready is the only dual-use POS that can be used as a stationary POS for counter service or pick up and go for tableside, outdoor and car-hop service.

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Order & Pay at Table

Ready for service, ready for mobile

Designed ruggedly for service environments. With all-day battery power to keep you going without stopping. Wireless minimalism in a small footprint for a modern look. Serve your guests faster, with a more personal touch. Orders print to the kitchen wirelessly, so you can keep servers in their section to provide a more attentive guest experience.

  • Choose iPad mini or full size iPad
  • Heavy metal base with strong magnetic docking
  • Rugged fast-charge connection
  • Optional backup battery to power through service
  • Adjustable hand strap or neck strap for all day comfort
  • Completely wireless, goes anywhere in range

Ready for Payments

Speed through checkout with pay at the table. Contactless, chip and swipe for secure EMV payments. 100% PCI compliant at the highest level to protect sensitive data.

  • Fast chip EMV reduces read time
  • Contactless support for smartphones and Apple Pay
  • Sign on screen authorization drastically speeds up checkout
Order & Pay at Table

Mobile POS that ensures you’re ready for anything

Rezku Ready has you covered in every situation, fully charged and ready to go.

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When you ally with Rezku you’re joining our family. Your individual triumph is our utmost priority.

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