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How to Choose the Best Brewery POS

We know that choosing the best point of sale for your brewery taproom is a big decision to make. Because the POS is such an essential part of daily operations, the choice you make today is going to effect your taproom business for many years to come. It's not an easy judgment, there is a lot of information to consider, from many of different sources. But that's where experience comes into play.

We've used our years of know-how in the food and beverage service industry to create a concise guide to choosing the best taproom point of sale. This easy to read guide cuts out all the fluff and is easy to understand. It covers the latest technology changes in POS for breweries. Technology moves fast, and what might have seemed like the best last year is not so impressive today. After all, it's about finding the system that can do the most for your business. For example, one of the most significant changes in the point of sale market is the shift in standard to iPad point of sale tablets. Not only are they secure, reliable and portable, iPad is now also more affordable than ever.

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The best brewery POS apps are more than just payment terminals or cash register apps. Because of the power and capabilities of the iPad, point-of-sale apps can do more. The best iPad POS systems have features like integrated time clocks, inventory tracking, in-depth sales reporting and customer relationship management. This guide will help you compare the most essential elements in modern POS systems so you can be sure to choose the best one.

With advances in internet and wireless technology, you need to know about remote management features and how they impact your brewery management style. With secure cloud storage, the best point of sales systems let you access your tap-house data from anywhere and manage everything remotely. Think about how important this is when it comes to getting things done. You don't have to go on-site or execute directly on the terminal. You don't need to edit menus and prices in the office at the brewery; you can do it from home while sitting on the couch.

You'll also learn about offline mode and how it can directly impact your business. Cloud-based POS systems have a lot to offer regarding data security and storage, but while many points of sale companies claim to have an "offline mode," the devil is in the details. We show you in this easy to read guide how to tell the difference between an offline mode that's useless and one that can actually keep your business in action — processing payments even without internet access.

This guide helps you navigate through the process of choosing the best iPad POS for breweries by taking a no-nonsense approach — cutting out the fluff and focusing on what affects you, the brewery taproom owner or manager.

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