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How to Choose the Best iPad POS

We know that choosing the best point of sale system for your restaurant, bar, cafe or other foodservice business is a big decision. It's one of the most critical business decisions you can make, because of how much it will affect your day-to-day operations. Technology moves swiftly. If you're looking for a new POS, or you are interested in what's on the market today, this simple, no-nonsense guide to the latest modern point of sale standard will help you. After reading this guide you'll understand why iPad is the best choice for restaurants looking to update and upgrade their current point of sale, as well as for new restaurants just starting up.

Make no bones about it, an iPad is a computer - and a very powerful one. It also comes in a compact form factor with a bright, responsive touchscreen. This guide will teach you more about the essential features that make iPad the ideal platform for restaurant point of sales.

If you haven't been keeping an eye on POS technology for the last year, you may be shocked at just how much is changed. A point of sale is not only a cash register. The best iPad POS apps are much more — providing a suite of restaurant management capabilities integrated into the primary point-of-sales function. This simple to follow guide cuts out all the fluff and gets to the core of the most important recent changes in iPad point of sale.

iPad is more affordable and capable now than ever. Download this short report to learn about how to use an iPad POS as either a stationary cash register for counter service or bars or — this is where it gets fascinating — break free, go wireless and send your servers on the floor with individual iPads to serve guests. You've heard of tableside ordering and payments and they're not going anywhere. Learn about how this new way of handling front-of-house also streamlines the kitchen, increases guest satisfaction and helps you turn more tables during service to increase profits.

This guide also gives you the scoop on cloud-based data storage and what it means for how you'll be managing your restaurant in the future. These are offline terminals with on-site servers, no. With the best iPad POS systems you have full access to your restaurant settings and can make menu changes, pull reports and check sales on the fly. Just pull out your phone, and anywhere you have internet access you can check-in on the business.

But don't be worried about security. This guide will help you understand in simple terms the complicated world of cybersecurity and high tech fraud. With the best iPad point of sale app, data is locked inside strong encryption to keep it safe. After reading this guide, you'll understand the critical points about PCI data security standards and EMV technology and how they protect you from liability, fees, fines, and chargebacks. Only the best cloud-based POS for iPad is both PCI and EMV compliant.

Download this guide to iPad POS now and quickly learn about the most important recent changes in POS technology. Read anytime on your phone or tablet, online or offline.

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