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How to Choose the Best Quick Service POS

Looking for the best point of sale is a challenge, regardless if you're starting a new quick service restaurant concept or running an established casual restaurant. The task deserves due diligence because your point of sale can affect almost every aspect of your business. However, as a busy restaurant professional you don't want to dedicate unnecessary time to the task. It's easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by all the information available online about choosing a quick service restaurant POS, but that's what we hope to help you avoid.

Our experience in restaurant management technology and the foodservice industry gives us keen insight into what you need to know to successfully choose the best POS. Download the report, and you'll find a no-nonsense guide to all the things you need to know today, without the fluff and without having to be a tech-geek to understand it all.

It's important to know that today's POS systems are much more than the legacy point of sale systems of the past. It's not just a new cash register you're looking for, after all, it's a complete restaurant management solution. Keeping that in mind, you may realize that finding the best point of sale for your casual restaurant is a more significant task than initially thought. A modern POS will integrate labor management, promotions, sales analytics and inventory management in a unified platform. So when you think about it, you're looking for a system that is not just the best at any one task but is the best for everything you need to do in your restaurant. This simple guide will provide a list of basic and advanced features that you should expect from the best restaurant POS.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

In quick service, it's all about volume because the prices don't leave much room for profits. This is where credit card processing fees can really take a toll on your business's viability. In this easy to read report, you'll learn about credit card processing and how choosing a point of sale company that controls it's own processing gateway can save you money on each transaction, which could add up to thousands of dollars. Don't get stuck on an extended contract with high fees! This free POS guide for quick service restaurants will show you how to avoid that situation.

Click now to download the free report for quick service restaurant owners and learn how to choose the best POS. If you want the no-fluff, no-nonsense guide that won't waste your time this is it. You'll learn about the latest iPad point of sale technology and how to avoid pitfalls like long contracts, high fees, insufficient features, confusing interfaces and underpowered hardware.

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