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How to Choose the Best Winery POS

It's a big decision to decide which point of sale to use for your winery tasting room. Your choice of POS system will affect your wine bar business in many ways. The way you relate to your point of sale has an impact on the way you relate to your clients.

1) Do you interact from behind a bar or table-side

2) Can you trust credit card processing to work — even if you're offline?

3) Is the POS interface is easy to use and intuitive or do you have to hunt through pages and tabs for what you need?

You can see that the point of sale you choose for your wine bar determines if you're neglecting your guests or making them feel at home.

Our experience in hospitality and guest services affords us the experience and expertise to offer you this simple, no-nonsense guide for winery tasting room owners and wine bar managers to choose the best point of sale system. We respect your time, and there are lots of decisions to make, that's why we keep this guide simple, by focusing on what is most important to you and your clients.

In this report, we'll discuss the most important features of the best tasting room POS for wineries, what new tools and technology you need to be aware of, and how point-of-sale has changed in recent years. If you're not aware of all the changes that have happened in even the last year, you need to become aware of these dynamic changes and the opportunities they present you as a small business owner.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

Your point of sale should no longer be thought of as just a cash register. Instead, consider your winery POS as an integral part of your overall business. The best iPad POS app is a complete management system with integrated components for labor, sales reporting, bookkeeping and taxes, promotions and data security.

The best tablet point of sales systems uses light-weight tablets with wireless technology to get you more of that valuable face-time with your clients so that you can provide a truly personal interaction. You can get out from behind the counter and place orders with your guests in a more intimate environment like out on a sunny patio or lounging in a big comfy chair. Focusing on your guests and less on your point of sale is the goal.

The best new cloud-based point of sales also gives you peace of mind about data security. Protecting your customers from fraud is important to you, and this guide teaches you the terminology and specific features to look for when choosing a secure point of sale. You'll learn about the payment security standards PCI, EMV and how to reduce your liabilities.

There is much more in this short and concise guide to choosing the best point of sale system for wineries. You can download it now and read it anytime, on your phone, tablet or laptop. This guide will be an indispensable tool while consulting with different POS companies and doing research to choose the right POS for your tasting room.

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