Rezku resources

If you have any questions about your restaurant system or would like training, we are always happy to help. When you call, we'll access your account and perform the task for you or ask if you'd like us to show you how to do it for future reference. We're always willing to take time to teach you how.

Below are additional resources we've made available to help you gain further insight into managing a restaurant and using the Rezku system.

Restaurant Management Library

We're not just a software company or a vendor, we're a restaurant management consultancy invested in your success. Our team members have years of experience in the restaurant industry, and we are happy to share that insight with you. What you'll find in the Restaurant Management Library are short, simple guides to what could otherwise be intimidating subjects like employee retention, hitting key performance indicators, and how to choose a restaurant location. But don't worry, because we break it down into the essential information without the fluff.

Support & Training

Here you'll find answers to your questions about using Rezku. The FAQ will help guide you to answers to common questions, and the extensive documentation library explains in detail every function and feature of the Rezku system. We make it easy to find answers in the FAQ but also give you full in-depth know-how from top to bottom in the supporting documentation. The complete documentation is easy to read and written for restaurant owners, not just for "tech geeks" like us!


Learn more about the hardware integrations supported with the Rezku system. We recommend that you acquire your hardware through our product specialist team to ensure that the device configuration and firmware version of your hardware match compatibility with our tested systems. Hardware models and accessory manufacturers are chosen by us after extensive testing for their affordability and long-term reliability. We are confident that by following the hardware recommendations we provide that you will have more uptime and years of steady performance.

Contact Support

We love to hear from our customers. Your feedback directly affects the direction of our product development. If you have any questions, comments, or anything is giving you trouble, we're here for you. Expect that when you contact us, we respect your time and look for true solutions, not temporary patches to get you off the phone or to get rid of you. We want you to feel appreciated and that your concerns are our concerns. We will quickly get the facts and decisively direct you out of the storm. That's what we do

You can contact us by phone, chat or email and talk to a live person right away.


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