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Modifier Options provide another level of customization for your products. Whereas Modifiers customize a product, Modifier Options specify how. Like, specifying an amount or type.

For example, if we have a Modifier Group for toppings and one of the toppings is cheese, we can create a Modifier Option to pick the type of cheese we want: Jack, Cheddar or Queso.

When taking the order, it is very quick and natural. Just tap Cheese in the toppings list, to pick the kind of cheese to use.

modifier options rezku pos

And the lettuce options are right next cheese. No scrolling or searching, everything is easy!

adding modifier options to an order in rezku pos

As you can see, Modifier Options make it very quick and simple to customize orders.

Modifier options can also add to the price.

Create Modifier Options

rezku pos backoffice navigation

● For this example, we’ll create a Modifier Option called Amount.

● We’ll apply this Modifier Option to our Condiments modifier, to specify the amount our guest would like.

● In Rezku Back Office Click on Menu in the left-hand navigation column, to display the Menu settings.

Click on Modifier Options.

● If there are no Modifier Options created yet, the New Modifier Options Group window will automatically open. Otherwise, click + at the bottom of the column.

rezku point of sale adding new group

● Type a name for the Modifier Options Group.

Click Save.

modifier options in the sidebar in rezku pos backoffice

You’ll see the new Modifier Options Group name, in the list.

Add Options to Group

● To add modifier options, click the + Modifier Option button under the group name.

adding modifier options to group

The New Modifier Option window opens.

new modifier option form in back office

● In the New Modifier Option window, set the name, price, and color for the Modifier Option.

Click Save.

● Continue to add options.

The Modifier Options appear in the list.

rezku pos modifier options list

For this example, we added Heavy, Extra, Easy and Light.

In the next step, we associate the Amount modifier options with the Condiments modifiers.


To do anything with Modifier Options, we first need to associate them with a Modifier Group.

modifier options list

To associate Modifier Options with a Modifier, click the word “Nothing” under the Modifier heading.


A drop-down menu appears.

Click the name of the Modifier Options you want, so the name shows in the Modifier column.

In Rezku POS, when condiments are added to an order, the server can easily specify the amount to use by tapping the menu bar.

modifiers in rezku pos tablet

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