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This area of Back Office is where you change settings related to your restaurant’s menu and the products you sell.

Menu Design
Add products to Rezku POS. Set the name, price, tile color, image and other settings here.

Add product modifiers to give guests more options for the products you sell. Offer more choices to guests.

Modifier Options
More options for menu items, so that you can specify the type or quality of modifier.

Enter the amount available for items on the menu. When you outsell your inventory, the product tile goes dim. You can’t place an order until the inventory is updated.

Automate promotional pricing by setting periods in advance. This could be a Happy Hour or a special event. Period performance is tracked in a separate report.


Here you have access to reports that provide information about sales and other useful data.

Products Report
Track sales for individual products. See individual product performance through the week.

Period Hourly Report
Hourly sales data during promotional periods. Determine if your promotional periods are effective.

Hourly Sales Report
Sales broken down by the hour.

Daily Sales Report
View sales grouped by day. This helps you see what days perform the best.

Tips Report
The amount of tips paid out during the dates selected.

Users Sales Report
Shows total sales for each user, during the specified period.

Tax Report
The amount of taxes paid during the specified period.

Cash Drawer Report
This report shows cash register activity and is another way to track sales.

Labor Report
For the period specified, shows the hours worked and wage earned by each user.


This area of Back Office is for the management of Rezku POS system users.

Manage Users
Add and remove users. Set their role (permission level) and secret PIN.

Time Cards
This log is created when the employees clock in and clock out of Rezku POS. Time cards can be manually created and assigned to a user. User images taken at time of clock in and clock out can be found here.


View all orders and status. Each order is given a unique Order ID code. Click the calendar icon to change the date you are viewing.


Configure taxes to be applied to orders, such as Sales Tax. To create a new tax click on the +Tax button.

Floor Plan

The Floor Plan is where create your restaurant’s table layout is created. This allows your servers to attach tickets to tables so they can manage multiple orders at a time.


The Settings area holds advanced configuration options for Rezku POS.

General Settings

Restaurant Info - Address the time zone.

Restaurant Settings - How daily reports are generated and other important settings.

Printer Settings - Add a remote or chit printer to Rezku POS.

Receipt Settings
Information to include on receipts and optional restaurant logo.

Permissions Settings
Define specific permissions for a user’s role.

Permission levels are:
Guest - Anyone can perform this task

Employee - Employees may perform this task but it will ask for their PIN.

Manager - Only Managers and Owners have permission to perform this task.

Owner - There is only one owner account and it is set up by the person who is paying the monthly service fee. Tasks set to Owner can not be performed by Managers or Employees.

Log Out

Log out of Back Office. To log back in go to and click Sign in, in the top right corner.

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