Ingenico iPP 350 and iPP320 Card Reader Terminal Setup And Hardware Operation


This guide will cover the technical specifications and operation of the Ingenico iPP350 and iPP320 model card readers for use with your Rezku POS system.


The Ingenico 300 series card readers are popular, solidly built hardware popular in food and beverage service environments where ruggedness is important. The iPP350 and iPP320 card readers are supported by a number of credit card popular processing services.

Ingenico EMV Card Reader Overview

Ingenico Card Reader

Parts of the Ingenico iPP350/320:

  • LCD ScreenThe LCD screen provides data and instructions when operating the card reader.
  • ButtonsThe card reader features a number of button types

    • Function keysLocated below the LCD screen, these provide navigation for the various functions of the card reader
    • Alphanumeric keypadThe keypad allows credit card numbers and other information to be entered into the card reader manually
    • F-KeyThis key provides access to additional settings
    • Colored KeysRed (Cancel), Yellow (Back), Green (OK)
  • SwipeLocated on the right side is a magnetic swipe slot for non-EMV enabled cards
  • EMV Chip-SlotLocated at the bottom is a slot reading EMV chip-cards
  • NFC Contactless ReceiverThe card reader is equipped with a receiver for near-field communication using a cell phone or contactless (tap to pay) enabled EMV chip card
  • EMV Technology and Data EncryptionInside the card reader is advanced payment data encryption technology and EMV fraud prevention systems.

iPP350 and iPP320 card reader differences

Although the Ingenico iPP350 and iPP320 are very similar card readers, there are some differences.

Screen Type

The iPP320 has a monochromatic liquid crystal display and backlight. The iPP350 features a full-color, active backlit LCD screen with smooth scrolling and a higher resolution

Credit Processors

Different credit card processing companies may support one or both of the two models. Make sure to buy your credit card readers directly from Rezku POS to ensure compatibility with your system.

Price Differences

Because the iPP320 uses older screen technology the price can be quite a bit lower than for the iPP350

iPP350/320 Setup and Installation

Card reader setup instructions


The Ingenico iPP320/350 card reader uses unique proprietary connections. The power/data cable is connected on the underside of the card reader using a plug that resembles an HDMI connector.

The cable then splits into two parts, one side for the AC/Power adaptor and one for LAN (ethernet) data connection to your Rezku POS system.

Card reader screen example

LAN Configuration

Connect your iPP350 or iPP320 to your Rezku POS deddicated network using the ethernet end of the card reader’s cable. Confirm ethernet connectivity by taking note of the IP address that is displayed when the card reader boots up and shows the screen “Retail Base”.

When “Retail Base” appears on screen, quickly press the RED key to scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the card reader’s IP address. Enter this number in the card reader configuration settings on your Rezku POS tablet to connect to the card reader.

iPP350/320 Advanced Configuration Settings

To enable LAN connectivity on your Ingenico iPP model card reader it must be configured for LAN communication. If it is not set up for ethernet connectivity you can change the setting in the card reader’s advanced configuration menu.

  1. During bootup at the Retail Base screen use the keypad to quickly press

    • 2-6-3-4-GREEN button
  2. In the setup menu use the F2 (Down Arrow) , F3 (Up Arrow), GREEN (OK) and YELLOW (Back) buttons to navigate

    • Select TDA
    • Select Configuration
    • Select Communication
    • Select Comm. Type
    • Select Ethernet
    • Press the GREEN button at each step to confirm and save
  3. Press the YELLOW key to back out of the menu to Comm. Type

    • Select Ethernet Settings
    • Select DHCP
    • Press the GREEN button at each step to confirm and save
  4. Press the YELLOW key to back out of the menu to the home screen

    • Be sure not to press YELLOW too many times!
  5. When prompted with the question “Save and Reboot?”

    • Select YES
    • Press the GREEN button to confirm and save

Ingenico Card Reader Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting help with your Ingenico iPP model card reader follow the instructions below or contact Rezku POS technical support.

Resetting the iPP350/320 card reader

To reboot your iPP model POS card reader simply hold down the YELLOW and “#” keys at the same time. Bootup takes approximately 60 seconds and will force the card reader to reconnect to your network router and POS app.

Confirm the interface type

If you are setting up your card reader for the first time and it is not able to connect, follow the above steps for advanced configuration to confirm the interface type is set to “Ethernet”.

Card reader compatibility

Each credit card processor uses a unique system configuration as well as encryption keys to access the gateway and connect to your account. Using the wrong card reader for your gateway, third party or after-market hardware will likely cause issues connecting to your POS system. To ensure compatibility, all card reader hardware should be purchased through Rezku or an authorized partner-dealer.

If you are a Rezku POS customer and have additional questions contact us at 1-844-697-3958 or Technical support is included with your Rezku POS subscription and we’re happy to help!

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