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Cash drawer management functions are found in Rezku POS Settings.

Open Rezku POS and tap on the Gear i con in the top-right corner of the screen.

Cash Drawer Management Functions

management functions

To manage your register’s cash drawer, tap the buttons to perform the following functions:

No Sale - Opens the cash drawer.

bank drop form



Bank Drop - Record the amount of cash taken out of the drawer to deposit in the bank.


deposit money form




Pay In - Record the amount of cash added to a drawer, and why.


withdrawal form




Pay Out - Enter the amount of money added to the drawer, and why.


audit page




Audit - Count the drawer and enter the cash amount. Tap Submit to complete the audit.


discrepancy form



If there is a cash discrepancy found in the audit, Rezku will provide warning and show the amount of any cash discrepancy.


closing a drawer in rezku pos ipad




Close - End Of Day or End Of Shift drawer audit.


print drawer summary


When you tap Submit, you have the option of printing the Drawer Summary report to the Cash Drawer Printer.


The Drawer Summary report shows:

  • Time Opened
  • Time Closed
  • Initial Balance
  • Final Balance
  • Cash Transaction Total
  • Adjustments (discrepancies)
  • Register Assignee

You also have the option to print a Register Summary report.

print register summary



A Register Summary is like an End of Day Report and contains the same information.


rezku pos open drawer error



Tap Print to print a summary, or Skip to close the window and complete the closing of the drawer.


After closing the drawer, you have to tap Open Drawer to use Rezku POS.

Open Cash Drawer

Tap Open Drawer

rezku pos enter pin screen

A manager must provide authorization to ensure that the cash drawer cash count is accurate.

adding a quantity

Tap the Quantity box for each denomination.

Use the keypad on the right to enter a value.

The drawer’s Grand Total can be seen in the top right.

Tap Submit and you are ready to take your guest’s order!

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