Splitting a Check Download PDF

Easy Split

To split a check proportionately based on the total, tap Easy Split.

The default split is half. Adding another check will split the check into thirds, and so on.

best ipad point of sale offline mode check splitting

● To add another split to the check, tap the + ADD button. You can add as many splits as you like.

Tap the red Delete button to reduce the number of splits.

splitting a check

Each split is paid for separately.

rezku point of sale splitting checks screen

To change the amount of a split, enter the amount tendered by the guest on the number pad.

how to change the mount of the split

The remaining splits adjust their total proportionately! With Easy Split, checks can be adjusted on the fly.

● When the guest is ready to pay, tap the Pay button.

instructions for splitting a check

Enter the amount tendered using the keypad, tap Exact Cash or Exact Check.

Or If the customer is paying by credit card, instruct the guest to insert (EMV) or swipe (magnetic strip) their payment card. For detailed information on taking credit card payment click here. Checkout

rezku pos change is due for split

Tap the Complete Transaction button to move to the next check in the split.

● The split is marked Paid in green.

rezku ipad pos screen showing check splitting

When all of the split checks have been paid, Rezku POS exits the checkout screen.

Now you’re ready to take your next order!

Itemized Split

Tap the Itemized Split button to split checks by individual item.

itemized split

By default, you’ll see two checks to split items between.

Tap the + ADD button to add more checks to the split.

To reduce the number of checks, tap Merge at the top of the screen and select which tickets to merge.

merge a split

Item Split Options

Tap an item to choose a split option.

item split options

The Item Split options are:

Move Item To...

Ticket 2 (3, etc) - Tap this option to move an item to another ticket. Items can be moved as many times as necessary. Split Items can also be moved.

Split Item

Split Even - Divide the split item evenly across all checks.

split even

Tap a split item and it can be moved, the price will adjust accordingly.

split item

Split Custom - Divide the item across the checks selected. This feature is for situations where a table has more than two checks.

custom splitting options

Tap the checks to be included in the split, then tap the Split button in the bottom right corner.

example of using split feature


check splitting even




The item splits evenly across the selected checks.


screen showing many splits




Split and move as many items as you like!


finish and pay button location in rezku pos




When you have customized your guests’ tickets according to their needs, tap the gold Finish and Pay button in the top right corner of the screen.


Each ticket is ready to be paid separately.

pay each tab separately




● Just tap the gold Pay button for the appropriate ticket to bring up the payment screen.


adding additional splits



Additional splits can be made to this individual ticket as well, by tapping + Add.

Yes, with the ultra-flexible Rezku POS, you can even split your splits!

Tap the gold Pay button to take payment.


Enter the amount tendered by the guest for cash, or use the attached card reader for a credit card transaction.

For complete detail on how to check out your guests, click here. Checkout

When you complete the transaction, you’ll automatically return to the Split Ticket screen.

Continue until all the tickets are paid.

paying all splits

When the last ticket is paid, Rezku POS will return to the PIN entry lock screen.

You’re ready to take your next order!

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