Guest Checkout and Payment Download PDF

To accommodate a variety of situations, Rezku POS has a number of options regarding guest checkout.

Checkout Options

From the order screen, tap the Checkout button.

checkout button location

This will take you to the Checkout screen.

checkout screen

The buttons on the Checkout screen:

Exact Check - When a guest pays by check.

Exact Cash - When a guest pays exact change, in cash.

Reprint - Print an itemized receipt.

Easy Split - To split checks by total.

Itemized Split - To split checks by items.

Cash Transactions

Guests don’t always have exact change. Enter the amount tendered by the customer using the keypad.

The Exact Cash button changes to say Cash.

entering exact cash

● Tap the Cash button.

change due

● Give your guest their change.

Tap the gold Complete Transaction button.

Exact Transactions

When guests provide Exact Cash or Exact Checks, the transaction ends. Deposit the tender in the cash drawer and tap the Complete Transaction button.

Enter your PIN if required to unlock the register to take your next order!

Credit Cards

For detailed information on setting up card reader hardware go here. Card Readers

If you have a card reader such as the Ingenico iCMP configured, it will be ready to accept your guest’s credit card payment as soon as you are on the Checkout screen.

ingenico card reader screen

If the credit card reader has a screen, you’ll see a message similar to this.

● Insert (EMV chip card) or swipe (magnetic strip) the card.

When the credit card reader is in use, Rezku POS will show it is Processing.

rezku pos loading indicator

For EMV transactions, continue to follow the prompts on the card reader’s screen.

Your guest may be required to enter their PIN number on the card reader.

Press the Green button on the card reader, after entering PIN.

green button

For EMV transactions, remind the guest not to remove their card until the screen says “Please remove card.”

When the transaction is complete, Rezku POS will show the bill amount and prompt for the credit card tip amount.

If the guest paid a cash tip, do not enter it here.

The amount entered as the tip will be charged to the guest’s credit card!

cash transaction tip





You can also Cancel Transaction by tapping in the top right corner of the screen.


Error Message

You may see this error message when taking credit cards.

rezku pos error message


Don’t worry, it just means a card was not read within the expected time limit.


You may also see this message if a guest takes a while to make payment or if the POS is left on the checkout screen for a prolonged period.

● Just tap OK to close the warning and continue the transaction.

Offline Payment Processing

In some cases, the internet may be unavailable, but you still want to capture payment information for a guest. When Rezku POS is in offline mode, it’s indicated by a red circle-i at the top of the screen.

You can still capture payment details for credit cards offline. When the network comes back online, the system will send the card data for processing. The number and value of transactions that can be processed offline are set in Rezku POS Back Office, in General, under Restaurant Settings.

location of relevant settings in rezku pos backoffice

Sign On Screen


sign on screen


If Sign on Screen is enabled, your guest will authorize payment using the iPad screen.

Tap Submit.


The Sign on Screen option can be changed in Back Office, in General Settings.

rezku pos restaurant settings

Receipt Options

After submitting the signature on screen, the guest has a choice of receipt options.

No Receipt - No receipt is provided to the guest. The transaction is still in the Ticket list and can be recalled at any time.

Print Receipt - The guest’s receipt will print from the Cash Drawer Printer.

Email Receipt - Guest enters their email address, and receives an emailed copy of their receipt.

rezku pos receipt options

Splitting a Check

To split a check, tap the Easy Split button or Itemized Split. Each guest can now pay a portion of the check using separate transactions. Complete details for splitting a check are here: Splitting a Check

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