Adding Chit Printers Download PDF

When taking orders in Rezku POS, servers can send tickets directly to chit printers in the kitchen, bar or other areas of the restaurant, with just a tap.

Menu items on the same ticket can even be sent to different printers, so the bar gets the drink order and the kitchen gets the apps!

Three simple steps to enable chit printer functionality

  1. Plug a compatible printer into the network
  2. Add a chit printer in Back Office’s Printer Settings
  3. Configure the printer on a Master Register

That’s it!

Once configured on the Master Register, Slave Registers will automatically update with chit printer access.

Install Printer Hardware

● Plug in your printer’s power cable.

● Run a network cable from your chit printer to the router.

plug the router into your printer


Make sure your printer is set for dynamic IP by printing a self test.

For instructions on how to run a self test and configure network settings, refer to your printer model the Printer Hardware documentation available from Guest Innovations.

Add to Back Office

● Log into Rezku POS Back Office.

In the navigation column click Settings, then Printer Settings.

rezku pos backoffice printer settings

In this example, we’ll add a printer for the Kitchen.

● To add a new printer click + Printer.

The New Printer window opens.

rezku pos backoffice add printer form




● Name the printer and click Save.

● It will appear in the Printers list.


rezku pos printers list

Once you have set up your Chit Printer in Rezku POS, the Printers List will display device information for the selected hardware.

rezku pos printers list

Delete a Printer

To delete a printer, click the X to the right, on the row with the printer name. To edit the printer, click the Pencil icon.

You will receive a warning before deleting a printer.

rezku pos back office delete a printer



Click Yes to remove it.


Set Items to Print

One way to choose which menu products are sent to this printer is with the check boxes in the New Printer window. Click + next to the check box to expand the list of the products on a menu.

rezku pos back office printer form



● Select items you want to sent this printer when printing orders.

Another way to associate a product with a printer is in the Edit Product window.


rezku pos back office product form



In Back Office Menu Designer, click on a product tile to open the Edit Product window. Select the printers you want the product sent to.

For more detail on editing products, see the documentation available from Guest Innovations.


Configure Printer in POS

Once the printer has been added to Back Office, configure it on the Master Register.

Open Rezku POS and enter Settings by tapping the Gear icon in the to top right.

rezku pos ipad menu item list





Tap Configure Printers.


rezku pos configure printers page



You’ll see the name of the printer you created in Back Office appear in the left column, under Cash Drawer Printer.

Notice that Rezku POS automatically tells you that the printer is disconnected and shows a red indicator.


rezku pos choose device page




● Tap name of your chit printer (Kitchen printer)

Tap Choose Device.


Rezku POS automatically searches your network for available printers.

It even shows you if the printer in the list is already in use, and by which register.

rezku pos choose printer popup




NOTE: Receipt printers can only be assigned to one register. However, chit printers can be used by any Slave Registers that are connected to the same Master Register.

The printers you see available on the network will depend on the printer hardware you’ve installed and will differ from the example image somewhat.

Tap the name of a printer to choose it.


rezku pos test print button

When Rezku POS connects to the printer, the indicator under the printer name turns green and changes from Disconnected to Connected, showing it’s ready to print.

Tap Test Print.

Your printer should output a small chit with test text on it.

Also, you’ll see in the Print Jobs queue, a notification for a successful test print.

rezku pos printer successfully connected



If your test print was successful, then chit printing is properly configured and the steps are complete.

If you encountered an issue, or the test print failed, examine your network settings and printer hardware.

The friendly Rezku support team is always here to help if you have any questions!

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