Daily Report Download PDF

The daily report is an important tool available in Rezku POS Back Office. It provides an overview of all transactions and sales for the day.

Access the Daily Report

● To access the daily report, first, log into Back Office. From the navigation strip along the left side, click on REPORTS, when the list expands, click DAILY REPORT

● On the daily report page, click the small calendar icon to open the calendar and choose the date you'd like to read the daily report for.

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● Once you have selected the date, click the DOWNLOAD button.

The Daily Report will save as a .pdf file in your downloads folder.

Rezku POS securely stores your data in the cloud, so you can always go back and check your historical reports at any time.

How to Read the Daily Report

bluetooth printing rezku pos

Sales - There are four boxes under SALES, showing your sales in a variety of ways

Box 1 (Sales) - Top Left

  • Comps - Value of items manually “comped” (given away for free)
  • Sales - Gross sales (all sales with no deductions)
  • Discounts - Values of items manually discounted (reduced price)
  • Net Sales - Gross sales less comps and discounts
  • Tax - Total amount of taxes on sold goods
  • Tips - Total amount of tips declared by servers

Box 2 (Category) - Top Right

This box shows sales broken down by each of the top-level menu categories you define. These are the tiles along the left side of Back Office Menu Designer. They are also seen as the tiles along the bottom right side of the New Order Screen. Every location will have a different listing here depending on how they have created their menu.

bluetooth printing rezku pos
bluetooth printing rezku pos

Box 3 (Order Type) - Bottom Left

This box shows sales by service type.

  • Table
  • Take out
  • Dine in
  • Bar
  • Delivery
  • NOTE: Only those service types you have selected to use in General Settings > Restaurant Settings will be displayed.

Box 4 (Tax) - Bottom Right

This box shows how much is going to taxes. Each tax you define in Back Office > Taxes will appear on its own line showing how much is for each one

Each restaurant will see this listed slightly differently as it is dependant on how taxes are configured and which taxes have been added.

Transactions - There are three boxes under Transactions showing payment transactions in different ways.

Box 1 (Transactions) - Top

This box has six columns that give details about each of the payment types accepted in Rezku POS:

- Transaction Payment Method

The types listed are:



Gift Card

Credit Cards (by issuer)

- Number of transactions of this type

- Amount of sales for the transaction type

- Tips in this payment method

- Total (Sales + Tips)

- The percent of total sales this payment type accounts for

The last line along the bottom shows a total for each of these columns. The value under “Total” is the total amount of all transactions processed on the Rezku POS system.

Box 2 (Cash In / Out) - Left

This box shows a breakdown of cash transactions and is a reflection of the cash drawer management that was performed during the shift.

  • Transactions - Number of and dollar amount of all cash transactions
  • Tip Payout - Number of and dollar amount of all cash tip payouts for staff
  • Pay Outs - Number of times and dollar amount of cash taken out of the drawer as a pay-out when managing the cash drawer
  • Pay Ins - Number of times and dollar amount of cash added to the drawer as a pay-in when managing the cash drawer
  • Bank Drops - Number of and dollar amount of cash taken out of the drawer as a bank-drop when performing cash drawer management
  • Adjustment - Number of and dollar amount of any adjustments that were entered

The last line under Amount shows the total amount of all cash transactions.

Box 3 (Credit In / Out) - Right

This box shows a breakdown of credit transactions

  • Swiped - Number and dollar amount from cards that were authorized for payment by the issuer
  • Unfinalized - Number and dollar amount of transactions that were authorized for payment but were not closed
    • Check for open orders
    • This will be a negative number
  • Late - When an unfinalized payment is finalized (order is closed), it shows up here as a late payment
  • Tips - Total amount of credit card tips
  • Undercharged - Dollar amount not authorized for payment
    • Using offline mode, payment authorization is submitted when back online. There is always a chance it will not be approved
    • This will be a negative number
  • Refunds - Number and dollar amount of credit card refunds performed

Orders Left Open - Below sales and above transactions you will see a list of any open orders. To investigate open orders you can view the tickets list in the Rezku POS iPad app or you can go to Back Office > Orders and look for the open order(s) there.

Keep in mind that the dollar amount for open orders may or may not show up in sales depending on why they are open. If the order state is "Awaiting for Patron Signature" the ticket is open, but the credit card has already been authorized. It's important to make sure that your staff are entering tips and finalizing credit orders to complete all credit transactions.

If Sales Total and Transaction Total Don’t Match - If the sales total and transaction total do not match, it can be concerning initially, but by taking a closer look at the daily report, you can find out why.

If sales are MORE than the transaction total

  • Open Orders - The likelihood is that you have open orders. Close the orders and check again. The dollar amount for closed orders will appear in the transaction total for the day they are closed. They will appear under LATE if they are closed after the end-of-day.
  • Unfinalized, Undercharged, Refunds - Check the 3rd box under transactions (Credit In / Out) for any negative values.

If sales are LESS than the transaction total

  • Late Credit Payments - Check to see if there are any unfinalized payments from earlier that were finalized. These will appear under the LATE in Box 3 under transactions, Credit In / Out
  • Unfinalized, Undercharged, Refunds - Check the 3rd box under transactions (Credit In / Out) for any negative values.

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