EPSON TM-U220 IP Configuration macOS Version (Firmware v. 3.00) Download PDF

Out of the box or after a factory reset of this printer has been performed, the default settings for the EPSON TM-U220 need to be configured before use.

The steps are:

  • Plug the printer directly into the ethernet port on your computer.
  • Configure Mac to see the printer.
  • Use Chrome or another browser to go to the printer’s configuration page.
  • Change the printer’s network settings to automatic.

What you’ll need:

  • Epson TM-U220 with Power
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Mac Computer

Hardware Configuration:

Plug power and ethernet cable into Epson printer and turn it on.

Plug ethernet cable from the back of the printer directly into the computer. Do not plug it into the router.

Software Configuration:

From the Mac desktop, click on System Preferences, in the Dock

mac network settings




Click on Network.

This window shows all your network connections.


mac wifi settings




Select your Wi-Fi connection on the left and click Turn Wi-Fi Off.

Now, select your Ethernet connection on the left.


imac ethernet settings




By default your IPv4 settings are probably set to Using DHCP. Click the drop down box and change this setting to Manually


mac epson printer settings





Set IP address to

Subnet mask to


mac epson ipv4 settings

Leave everything else blank.

Click Apply

DO NOT close the Network window, you’ll need to come back and undo these changes when the printer is configured!

Open Chrome.

mac browser epson configuration

In the address bar, type and then press enter.

● When the configuration page loads, look along the left side for the red bar that says CONFIGURATION. Underneath Configuration, you’ll see TCP/IP. Click this link.

There are two links that say TCP/IP. We want the second one, under CONFIGURATION.

epson tc/ip settings window

● On the TCP/IP Setting page, click the drop-down box to change the Get IP Address setting to Auto. Change Set using PING to Disable.

Click the Submit button to save changes

epson configuration saved window

Click the Reset button or just turn your printer off and back on

Configuration of the printer is complete, but you are not done yet!

Close Chrome and go back to your network settings. You must change the settings back to what they were. Otherwise, your network will not be properly configured for this computer.

The network settings window should still be open.

epson ipv4 settings




Click on the drop down box next to Configure IPv4.

● Assuming you use your Mac’s Wi-Fi for network access, choose Off from the drop-down menu.

mac wifi

Click Wi-Fi on the left to manage the connection, then click the button to Turn Wi-Fi On.

mac settings


NOTE: You need to change your network settings back to what they were. These are the most common settings. If your system was configured differently, it’s important to use the original settings.

Click Apply to save. You can close the network settings window now

To use the TM-U220 printer, plug the printer into your router and follow the printer configuration instructions for Rezku POS.

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