Designing a Floor Plan Download PDF

In Rezku POS, you can create a floor plan that matches your restaurant’s layout. This allows servers to easily manage tables they are assigned.

Floor Plan Designer

● To access the Floor Plan Designer, log into Rezku POS Back Office and Click Floor Plan in the left-side navigation column.

point of sale floor plan url

A full-screen web app for designing your restaurant floor plan opens in the browser window.

floor plan blank slate

Create a New Floor

● Before you get started adding walls and furniture, you need to create a floor.

● To create your first floor, click the small + tab.

adding a new room for a floor plan in pos back office

The New Room window appears.

new room form

● Give your room a name and click the Save button.

Adding Objects

The Floor Plan Designer has many customizable objects for you to use.

array of floor plan objects

There are three tabs full of objects you can place and modify!

pos misc objects floor plan furniture objects pos objects structure

● To add an object from the sidebar to your floor plan, click and drag it to a space on the floor.

● To select a placed object, click it.

Selection is indicated by a blue highlight around the object.

table object

When an object is selected, you can change its properties. Objects have different settings, depending on type.

There are three different types of objects: Furniture, Structure, and Misc.


The furniture collection has many different tables and booths to choose. They look different, but all function the same way. Furniture objects are the only items that guests can be assigned to.

floor plan example

When you drag furniture from the sidebar to the floor, it’s assigned a table number automatically. This can be changed in the object properties at the top of the screen.

floor plan object settings

You can also adjust the size and set the number of seats for each table, as well as exclude sides of the table from having seats.

The Floor Plan Designer lets you match your restaurant's layout accurately.

table object settings

In this example, we modified the table properties, changing the name, number of seats, width, and rotation.

The duplicate button lets us quickly add multiple tables to our layout with the same properties.

floor plan cloning example

Duplicates appear in the top left corner of the floor. Click and drag the table to move it where you want it.

Duplicate tables are named automatically, but you can change the properties for a duplicate table, just like a new table.


The structure tab includes items like walls and doors that can be added to your floor plan. To add an object to your floor plan, click the structure tab and drag the item to the floor.

● To move the object, click and drag to reposition it.

A blue highlight indicates a selected object.

● Adjust the size of objects to fit the proportions of your room by changing width and height in the properties strip along the top of the screen.

structure settings


The Miscellaneous tab has signs and other objects that may be useful when setting up a floor plan such as plants. Some of the most useful Misc objects are text labels.

To add text, click and drag the Text object to the floor.

To edit the text, make sure it is selected (blue highlight) and modify the properties at the top of the screen.

misc object settings

Adding a Background

You can change the color of the background or use a background image.

● Click the Choose Background button.

adding a background for your floor plan in rezku point of sale back office

There are several basic backgrounds provided that can be tiled (repeated), for your background.

floor plan background default options

You can also choose a solid-color background.

Click the color chip and choose a new color from the pop-up.

setting the floorplan to a specific color

You can also upload a custom background image. Any standard computer image file will work, and the image can be tiled to fit.

You can always remove the background later if you decide you don’t like it, so feel free to try out different things!

floor plan tiling example

Background images are like desktop wallpaper and do not affect objects.

Click the Go Back button to return to the object library.


Before you close your browser or exit the Floor Plan Designer, it’s very important to save your floor plan.

saving the floor plan

Click the gold Save button to save your floor plan

If there are any tables with the same name, you will get an error. The floor plan will not save if there is an error.

When your floor plan saves, a green bar will appear at the top of the screen with the message “Floor Plan Saved Successfully.”

You can now safely exit the Floor Plan Designer without losing your work.

Click the Exit button, and you will be returned to the Back Office Dashboard.

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