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icmp card reader

The iCMP has a battery, so unplugging it will not turn it off.

To preserve battery life and turn off the iCMP card reader when not in use for long periods of time, hold the (.,#* ) key and (Back) Yellow button down at the same time until it makes a distinctive beep.

icmp card reader button demo
icmp card reader buttons

Use the supplied USB charging cable to keep the iCMP’s battery charged.

The ingenico iCMP uses the iPad’s Bluetooth feature to connect to the iPad and does not use a wired connection.

Pair with iPad

  • ipad settings icon
  • ● From the iPad’s home screen, click on Settings.
ipad demonstration showing where bluetooth settings are

The iPad will search for available Bluetooth devices.

Keep iPad bluetooth settings open while activating the iCMP card reader in the following steps!

Turn on the iCMP by pressing the small button the right edge of the device. It will make a distinctive chirping sound when it powers up.

  • icmp card reader
  • The iCMP card reader goes through its boot-up cycle for about 30 seconds

    After the iCMP finishes bootup, press the F key repeatedly and very quickly.


  • showing the F key on icmp card reader
  • Keep pressing the F key fast until the screen says BT Pairing Required.


  • icmp r=card readering screen BT Pairing required
  • Tap the F1 button on the iCMP to choose iOS pairing.

    The iCMP screen will show a list of devices it can pair with.


  • ingenico icmp card readinger locating a device
  • Use F2 (Down) and F3 (Up) to move through the list.

    Locate your iPad in the list of devices.
    It will have the name you gave it when you first setup your iPad.

    Press the Green button on the iCMP once the correct iPad is
    highlighted in the list.


Quickly turn your attention back to the the iPad bluetooth settings!

A new device should be visible. It may say iCMP or Cordless Phone.

ipad settings page pointing to cordless phone

Tap to pair with the iCMP card reader.

The iPad will prompt you to enter an 8 digit PIN number to complete pairing.

ipad settings page cordless phone pin

The PIN number will be displayed on the screen of the iCMP.

ingenico cicmp reader diplaying a PIN number

If the PIN number is not entered fast enough or is incorrect, you will see this message on the iPad.

example of the ipad's Pairing Unsuccessful image

If you see the Pairing Unsuccessful pop-up, tap OK.

Don’t worry about it. You just have to start over. Press the F key on the iCMP repeatedly until it beeps and says BT Pairing Required.

When pairing is successful, the iCMP shows in MY DEVICES on the iPad.

ipad settings showing bluetooth paired devices

After pairing is successful, you may see this message, App Not Installed.

example of App Not Installed error message for ipad


Tap ignore to close it.

This message is inaccurate. You do not need an additional app.


Confirm Connection

● Open Rezku POS.

If this is your first time pairing the iCMP to the iPad, the screen if the iCMP may read This Lane Closed until it has finished downloading the Rezku POS settings file.

Do not turn off the iCMP or exit Rezku POS while the settings are downloading.

● Navigate to Settings by tapping the small Gear icon in the top right corner.

The card reader is automatically configured by Rezku POS, and the green indicator shows Connected.

configure card reader for ipad

To confirm the settings, tap Configure Card Reader.

In the card reader list you can see that the Ingenico iCMP is active and connected.

Now you’re ready to take credit card payments!

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