Ingenico iPP350 Download PDF

Hardware Connections

This diagram shows the hardware configuration for the Ingenico iPP350 card reader.

The iPP350 has a long cable with a combo-plug on the end, half of the combination plug goes to the AC power adapter and the other half plugs into the router.

The router connects to your internet connected modem, supplied by your internet service provider. However, internet connectivity is not required for the iPP350 to read payment information.

image showing the pieces need to connect the card reader to the internet

After you have properly connected the Ingenico iPP350 to both power and network, it can be configured for use in Rezku POS.

Finding the IP address

After plugging the iPP350 into your router it will be given a unique IP address. To retrieve this number from the iPP350 we need to find the IP address listed on the boot screen. Unfortunately, it’s only displayed for a short amount of time, so you may need to repeat the steps a few times to get the whole number.

NOTE: In most cases, the IP address given by the router will always start with 192.168.1. There are just 3 more numbers to get, to complete the IP address for the card reader. Knowing this makes the process much simpler.

Steps to find IP:

1. Reboot the iPP350 by holding on the keypad,
the Yellow key and the (.,#*) key, at the same time.
ingenico card reader
ingenico card reader btns

2. During boot-up, various things will flash on the screen,
some longer than others. The last screen just before it is
finished booting will say Retail Base.

This is where we will find the IP address.

card reader screen display

3. As soon as this screen appears, quickly press F2 (Down Arrow Key) to move the small blue cursor to the bottom of the text. Or you can double tap the Red button, it will highlight all text on the screen, but also jump you right to the bottom where the IP address is found.

4. In the very last line, you will find the IP address. The number will usually start the same, so the important part comes between the numbers. Ignore the numbers after : (colon).

explanation of the ip format for the card reader

Write down the numbers represented by xxx in the example diagram above.

5. Repeat the process as many times as needed. The screen disappears quickly! Push the down arrow key (F2) as fast as you can!

POS Configuration

Log into Rezku POS and open Settings by tapping the Gear in the top left corner.

In settings, you’ll see from the red indicator, showing that the Card Reader is Disconnected.

rezku pos location of configure card reader button

Tap Configure Card Reader.

rezku pos location of card readers

In the device list, tap Ingenico iPP350.

Tap the gray text box and type the complete IP address from the Retail Base screen of the iPP350.

rezku pos card reader settings


Remember, not to include the colon (:) or numbers after it.

When the IP address is entered correctly, the iPP350 status indicator will change to green and Connected.

The screen of the iPP350 will automatically download the correct configuration files, and reboot.

Do not to turn off the card reader or close Rezku POS while configuration is downloading!

When downloading is complete, the iPP350 will display the name of your register on it’s screen.

Now you’re ready to take credit card payments!

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