iPad LAN Settings (Wired Networking Option) Download PDF

In some environments, using wired networking is preferable to Wi-Fi. If you’d prefer to use a wired connection for your Rezku POS registers, set up is easy with the adapters supplied by Guest Innovations.


1. A router

(A hub may be required if there aren’t enough open ports on your router)

2. iPad USB (camera) adapter
ipad usb camera adapter
3. MobiLock USB LAN adapter
MobiLock USB LAN adapter
4. A networking cable that is long enough to reach from the router to the register

Turn Off iPad Wi-Fi

Tap Settings on the iPad’s Home Screen

mac settings icon

Tap Wi-Fi Settings and turn off Wi-Fi by tapping the toggle switch so it’s white, not green.

mac wifi enable button

Now set up the hardware.

Hardware Connections

1. Plug the USB (camera) adapter into the lightning port on your iPad.

2. Plug the MobiLock LAN adapter into the USB port of the USB adapter.

3. Plug your network cable into the MobiLock LAN adapter.

4. Plug the other end of the network cable into your router (which should already be configured).

how to plug your internet into your router and tablet for lan

To keep your iPad charged, use the lightning port on the USB camera adapter to plug in an iPad charging cable.

Test Networking

To test your iPad’s network, tap Safari on your iPad’s Home screen.

mac safari icon

● In the address bar, type RezkuPOS.com

rezku.com/pos homepage

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