Assembly Instructions for iPad Stands for Point of Sale


To use your iPad as a point of sale, you’ll need to place it into a secure and sturdy stand. Rezku sells iPad stands made by Heckler Design. These instructions step you through the assembly and use of two models of iPad POS stands available from Rezku, made by Heckler Design.

Heckler Windfall Stand Tall iPad POS (With iDynamo Card Reader) Assembly Instructions

NOTE: Perform all assembly steps in a clean space without clutter. Components are small, you don’t want to lose them!


  • Windfall Stand (Tall)
  • iPad Adaptors (iPad Air 1, 2017 iPad, 2018 iPad and iPad Air 2)
  • Screw caps
  • Bass options
    • Slider feet
    • Friction feet
    • PivotTrack
  • Assembly Screws and Tool
Assembly screws and tools

Step 1:

After unpacking the stand, locate the holes on the neck assembly. Insert one of the assembly screws and tighten using the assembly tool. Repeat on the other side.

Assembly step 1

Step 2:

Using the assembly tool, loosen and remove the 4 front bezel screws, starting at the bottom. Be careful when removing the top screws, so the bezel does not drop down. Set bezel and screws aside

Assembly step 2

Step 3:

Install the four rubber iPad adaptors around the frame, seating them into the notches provided.

NOTE: There are two sets of adaptors. Use the appropriate adaptors for your model of iPad.

Step 4:

Install a power cable by running a compatible micro-USB B cable through the small hole in the bottom of the stand. Allow the end of the cable to rest in the notch on the right-hand side of the frame.

Assembly step 4

Step 5:

Carefully place your iPad into the frame, making sure that the “Home” button on the iPad is on the RIGHT.

Step 5

Step 6:

Replace the Bezel, ensuring that the foam pads are facing toward your iPad and the tongue is facing the RIGHT. Tighten all four bezel screws.

Step 7:

To install the card reader, gently lay the stand forward. Front bezel down, on a smooth clean surface.

Take note of the shape and orientation of the swipe guides

The outside will have an engraved number, and only the lower one has a beveled edge. Carefully remove the 4 small screws holding the swipe guides and set them close by.

Assembly step 7

Step 8:

Insert the MagTek iDynamo swipe-style card reader into the lightning port of your iPad, with the serial number and power port facing toward you.

Assembly step 8

Step 9:

Carefully reinstall the swipe guides and screws, to hold the card reader in place.

Step 10:

Plug the power cable into the card reader.

Assembly step 10

Heckler Windfall Prime iPad POS Stand Assembly


  • Windfall Prime iPad POS Stand
  • iPad Adaptor Clips (iPad Air 1, 2017 iPad and 2018 iPad and iPad Air 2)
  • Screw Covers
  • Assembly Tool
Heckler iPad Stand Tools and Assembly

Step 1:

Run iPad Power cable from behind and place into one of 3 notches on the RIGHT side.

Step 2:

Install the 4 iPad Adapter clips, seating them into the notches provided. Be sure to use the correct set of adapters for your model of iPad.

Step 3:

Remove top left assembly screw and loosen the other three (about 4 turns).

Heckler assembly step 3

Step 4:

Insert the iPad from the left, where screw was removed and slide it into bracket. Ensure “Home” button is on the RIGHT

Heckler assembly step 4

Step 5:

Replace the screw that was removed. Tighten the other three.

Step 6:

Plug the lightning power cable into iPad.

Heckler iPad Stand assembly step 6

Base Assembly Options:

You have 2 options for feet and 2 options for the PivotTable bass.

Assembly pieces for base


Friction Feet — Small rubber feet that keep the stand from sliding around.

Slider Feet — Smooth disk-shaped feet that enable the stand to slide around easily.

If you choose to use one of the types of feet, simply remove the adhesive backing and place one foot at each of the 4 corners of the stand.

This allows the stand to swivel around while remaining in place.

Single-Sided Adhesive Disk — This adhesive disk is used to stick to the pivot table and provide a rubberized bottom to limit sliding.

Double-Sided Adhesive Disk — This adhesive disk is used to stick to the pivot table and to the surface underneath the stand, allowing the stand to pivot, but not move around.

To Install The PivotTable:


Step 1:

Apply adhesive disk. (If applying double-sided adhesive disk, do not remove second backing until you have completed all steps and are ready to attach the pivot table to its permanent location.

Step 2:

Place PivotTable Disk under the stand and through the hole in the middle.

PivotTable assembly step 2

Step 3:

Notice that the top of the disk has a square shape, and the PivotTable Head has a square hole. Place PivotTable Head, orienting so that it seats correctly, as shown.

PivotTable assembly step 3

Step 4:

Notice that ClickSafe anchor has one side recessed and one side that is flat. Place the flat side toward the PivotTable Head and insert PivotTable Screw. Use PivotTable Tool to thread screw into disk, securing all parts together. When complete, screw should be flush with the top of the ClickSafe anchor.

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