iPad Wi-Fi and Lock Screen Settings Download PDF

Wifi Network Settings

  • ipad settings icon
  • Tap Settings on the iPad’s home screen.

● On the left-side menu, tap Wi-Fi

ipad wifi settings


  • ipad wifi toggle
  • ● Turn on Wi-Fi by tapping the toggle switch, so it’s green.

A list of Wi-Fi networks in range will appear.

At the bottom of the network list turn off “Ask to Join Networks.” This will prevent the iPad from attempting to connect to the wrong network if it temporarily loses connection. You may have to scroll down to see it if there are a lot of networks listed.

ipad settings screencap

If your iPad is already connected to a network, tap on the name to enter the network settings.

ipad network settings

Tap Forget This Network on the top of the screen. This is important because if the tablet goes offline and re-connects to the wrong network, it will cause problems.

● Tap the correct network in the list, and enter the password.

ipad authentication popup

When you are connected to the correct network, tap the network name to enter settings.

● Change HTTP PROXY to Auto.

ipad proxy settings

We can also change the DNS settings to a better, faster, more reliable DNS server. Tap on DNS. The keyboard will pop up, and you can delete the numbers that are currently set.

point of sale ipad lock settings permissions wifi rezku pos

Change the DNS to

mac wifi dns settings

Here is how your settings should look when you’re finished.

Press the HOME button on the iPad to return to exit network settings and return to the home screen.

Lock Screen Settings

When using your iPad, it’s important to keep it from locking and having to re-enter the iPad’s PIN number all the time. These settings keep the iPad from locking when going to sleep.

● Turn off Auto-Lock

  • mac settings icon
  • ● Go to Settings on the iPad home screen.

Tap Display & Brightness

tap auto-lock


change interval to never







Tap on Auto-Lock.


point of sale ipad lock settings permissions wifi rezku pos







Change interval to Never.


● Exit Settings by pressing the HOME button on the iPad.

NOTE: The iPad will still lock (and require the password) if you press the lock button on the iPad to turn off the screen, but it will not lock when the screen turns off on its own.

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