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The Order Actions buttons help you manage your order. They are located on the left half of the New Order screen, below the total.

order action buttons location

Each of the buttons provides access to different functions.

close up of order action buttons

Checkout - Tap the Checkout button when the guest is ready to pay. This takes you to the Checkout screen. For complete details on how to check out your customers: Checkout

Send - Tap the Send button to print order items to their respective chit printer. For example, the kitchen or the bar. For details regarding how to configure menu items to print to chit printers: Chit Printers

Hold - Tap Hold to take another order without completing the transaction for the current order. Hold orders appear in the Ticket List and can be reopened from there. Tickets

More - The More button gives you additional control over the order and has many functions.

more actions

Each button in More Actions does something different.


discount options

● Amount - Discount whole order by a fixed amount (enter a dollar amount).

● Percent - Discount whole order by a percent of the total (enter percent).

● Comp - comp the guest’s order (make it free).

Custom Item

custom item options

● Create an item that is not on the menu and give it a price.

● May Require a manager to enter their PIN to access.

Cancel Order

cancel orders

● Cancels the whole order

● May Require a Manager’s PIN to authorize.

● The order appears in the Ticket List with Cancelled status.

Resend Items

resend items

● Reprints menu items to remote / chit printers.

● Useful in case there is a printer jam or it runs out of paper.

● Items on the left that are tapped appear on the right.

● To reprint items on the right, tap the Send button.

Transfer Order

transferring an order

● Transfer ownership of an order to another user. Sales and other data associated with the order will transfer from the current user to the one selected (indicated by check mark).

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