What Dirty Bathrooms is Really Saying to your Guests/ Customers

First, it is important to understand how bathrooms that are cleaned and dried have an impact on customers. Apart from food and ambiance of a restaurant, the first impression that influences a customer’s mind is its cleanliness. Restaurants bathrooms are of the places where customers go to the greatest extent and it immaculateness and neatness are essential for the future of the business. The cleanliness of bathrooms impacts on business success in indirect ways, therefore, there are several reasons for keeping your restaurant’s bathroom clean.

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Bug Avoidance

As we all know, bacteria and germs exist in places such as public toilets and tend to foster infectious diseases that are harmful to all of us. Due to the continual visits, the person could easily be attacked by these bacteria and then cause transmittable diseases. Therefore, it is very important for restaurants to maintain the cleanliness of toilets with proper sanitation equipment to prevent diseases from people. It is not only important for customers but also employees of the restaurant who work during the day and night at the restaurant. For an employer, it is a responsibility to take diligent care of each person’s health by taking precautionary measures.

Preserve Sanitary Conditions

Food is an essential part for everyone and restaurants take this heavy duty and serve food to everyone. It is a very sensitive business because people come to your restaurant for food and it is pervading into the human blood directly. Toilets are a necessary part to a restaurant. The restaurant should have the proper flash system, clean tap water available, hand wash, etc., so that all customers get satisfied and happy. It is only possible when the lower staff keep it clean on regular basis and make sure its cleanliness throughout day and night.

Sustain Brand Name

Today, in an era of advanced and innovative technology, social media has made it easier to share each update of restaurants. Therefore, it only takes a second to share globally an image of a dirty bathroom of your restaurant. The port could be viral in a minute or seconds through the internet sensation and it could easily ruin your brand image globally in the minds of customers, regardless of how good your food taste. Therefore, it is very important to keep your toilets clean to sustain your business in long-term.

Customers Relaxation

Now a day, restaurants are also known as “Third Place”, where the customer can feel peace, calm and relaxation. Customers are regarded as a crucial resource for a company therefore, restaurants should be careful in cleaning their bathrooms so that when people use their bathrooms without hesitation, you will gain customers satisfaction. To provide delicious food and maintain ambiance, hygiene environment does not give benefit to customers but, also the employers such as restaurants owners.

Customers are an essential stake of the business and in an advance and innovative technological world, competition is at its peak because there are many restaurants in the market. If your restaurant is not up to the standard, a customer will not come again and put your image down through word of mouth. For sustainable business, you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

The Impact of Dirty Bathrooms in Financial and Non-Financial Terms:

Today, in a dynamic and modern world, people often use the internet and social media. Social media is spread all over the word and it can affect your business adversely. Because people think that if “XYZ” restaurant has a dirty bathroom, then how is it possible that its kitchen and other food would be cooked in a hygiene environment. Most people tell their family and friends about that restaurant’s dirty bathroom and if customers experience that once, they will never come again.

For a reputable and successful business, it is important to main their required level and position themselves in the minds of customers. People think of food when it comes to restaurants, but when these restaurants do not maintain hygiene as a resultant, customers damage their business financially and non-financially. Although it does have the adverse effect on your business in an indirect way but it surely does.

In a competitive business environment, competitors focus on each detail on their business to prevent losing a customer. Restaurants are famous for food and then their environment, atmosphere, and bathrooms. Bathrooms are considered secondary. But when customers enter the restaurant, what attracts them first? Ambiance, music, neat and clean atmosphere and then the restrooms, etc. Every one of five customers will use the bathroom, especially customers with families.

For a restaurant, customers are a crucial resource for business because they make the sale from customers and increase their bottom line through them. Sometimes, people go for the use of the bathroom rather than its food. But if the customer has a pleasant experience, then there is more probability they will return, but if the customer receives an unpleasant experience than they will not only be dissatisfied but also will not recommend the restaurant to anyone, which tends to decrease your sales. That is how customers affect your bottom line and long-term profits indirectly and you will not be aware of that.

It is important if you will invest in heavy advertisements, then you will get a brand image and gain reputation. Today, social media is so viral, and if you have only one account on any social media forum, then you should not be worried. If your restaurant had a complimentary review due to food and hygiene, you will get famous very soon. Once people get satisfied and happy with your services such as delicious food, introduce open kitchen concept, hygiene environment, neat and clean bathrooms, etc., then they will not only increase your sales but will also recommend to their family and friends and will enhance your brand image.


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