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5 Easy Ways to Get More Business


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diners at a restaurant

Throw a party

Throw a party Nothing says come on in like hosting a neighborhood gathering. Cater to the guests in your area. What will peak their interest? Live music, a DJ, or do they dance where your business is established? Link up with some charity in the area, preferably a well known one and advertise the heck out of it. Donate a percentage of the profits and make it known. People will come out of the woodwork to help a worthy cause. This works on a few different fronts: while helping a worthy charity your name is getting out there. You can have parties that appeal to different age groups, so you can have multiple events and cater to as many people as possible. This is a sure fire way to get your name out there and increase awareness of your brand.


Throw a contest

Throw a contest Use social media and the business itself to get as many involved as possible. Even better, you can make the contest something that benefits your business, such as a new logo design if you're unhappy with your current branding. It can be to create a new dish to serve at your restaurant. The prize doesn't have to be monetary necessarily, you can name the dish after the winner or exchange a free meal for the winner, etc. This is a great way to get people involved; people want an experience they remember. Give it to them and get something you can use in return. Get creative and find ways to involve your customers on more levels than just purchasing from you.

Call all the businesses in your area

Call all the businesses in your area This may seem crazy to some people but imagine getting a phone call from the new restaurant down the street and the owner is inviting you to come check it out. Offer a small something for free to get them in the door. I'm telling you, it won't take a whole lot of time to call 50 of the businesses local to you and warmly invite them to come to your restaurant. Have a good conversation, don't rush it. The more they talk to you, the more likely they are to visit. Especially if they think they will get a warm welcome from staff and management. Offer to cater lunches, or anything to spark conversation and get them talking.


Get on as many online directories that apply to your restaurant

Get on as many online directories that apply to your restaurant Spend some time looking for online directories and services that connect businesses and customers. Avoid paid services as there are many that will do this for free. The more information their site contains, the better for them. So generally these sites will allow you to sign up for free. is one of these directories. Take a look at the link mentioned and sign up. Your online outreach is something you should spend time on every week at the very least. It doesn't take much here, just the willingness to look for what you need. Make it part of your social media manager's check list to add several directories a week to your portfolio. This will also work to improve your SEO, bringing a lot more traffic to your website and ultimately your restaurant.


Utilize social media

Utilize social media This is a big advantage to those who stand the test of time. Continuing to post and making your social media content continue to draw traffic is the key to turning it into profit. Consistent actions in this arena will get you the results you want. Keep your name in front of customers, and not always in the form of trying to get them to spend. Post about local news, or share popular stories. Your involvement in online communities is noticed by those who use it (mostly everyone). Schedule your posts in advance for easy posting later. When you get creative and start to look for other ways to market your business you will find there is ample opportunity to do so.

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