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How to Hire Restaurant Staff

Finding the right people to work in your restaurant is definitely one of the most important decisions you make as a restaurant owner. Recruit a great team for your restaurant, or being successful will be difficult.

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Human Resources (HR) is an art and a science. There are various schools of thought and HR gurus who claim to have unlocked the secret of how to find great restaurant employees by using proprietary psychological tests.

While it may be worth considering services and HR training available to restaurant managers, there are some proven metrics that you can use right now to help find the right staff for your restaurant team.


Hire Talented Restaurant Staff That Fits Your Team Culture

Every sports team, military brigade, pit crew, you name it, has a unique culture. The goals, processes, procedures, equipment, training, and expectations that define their way of doing things makes up the majority of the culture. Other elements of a team’s culture are a little more subtle. The values and experiences shared by the existing team members, the way the team dresses and how the team communicates are also aspects of their culture.

One of the most beneficial things you and your managers can do before hiring new restaurant staff is to get together and define in writing, the culture of your unique team. How do you approach the challenges and opportunities that you encounter day-to-day? What attributes would someone joining your team need to possess in order to fit in and gain the respect of existing members?

Take this list of attributes and use it to define your interview questions. Create challenges for your employment candidates and observe their behaviors. What might indicate to you that the candidate possesses the qualities you’d like in a new team-member?

Make sure to interview candidates with more than one manager, and let each manager ask the candidate interview questions. In order to find great restaurant employees, candidates should be evaluated by more than one member of your existing team.


Hire Talented Restaurant Staff With A Great Attitude

Which do you think has more influence on our behavior, the way we’re born or the things we learn? This is a question that psychologists still ponder, and it will probably never be fully resolved. What we do know that attitude and training work together to shape behavior.

We probably don’t expect our new restaurant employees to already know everything we want from them, but we should expect them to have a great attitude. Your interview questions should help you find restaurant employees with a great attitude. Through a well-developed training system, anyone with a great attitude can be trained to provide awesome restaurant service.

When interviewing restaurant staff, identify which candidate’s attitude most closely matches the values that you and your managers defined. Train them to give amazing service. This is the sure-fire way to hire restaurant staff that will increase your team’s success.


Hire Talented Restaurant Staff, And Keep Theme

Interviewing restaurant staff takes time patience. Avoid the temptation to bring on “warm bodies”, or you risk disrupting the culture and success that you’ve worked hard to create on your team. To start with, you need to attract quality restaurant employees. Take stock of the pay scale and benefits offered by similar establishments, as well as other businesses that hire from the same pool of talent.

When you’ve found great restaurant staff and have spent time and effort developing their skills, make sure they feel valuable and appreciated for the work that they do. This is probably the cheapest way to increase restaurant productivity. Thank your amazing staff for all their hard work. Recognize their accomplishments and reward them when appropriate. Finding great restaurant staff may also mean opening up long-term career opportunities for those candidates who are interested.

In this guide we’ve covered how to hire restaurant staff, that fits your team’s culture, has a great attitude and how to reward them. Following these steps will help you find the amazing restaurant employees you need to grow and maintain your successful restaurant business.

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