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YouTube Restaurant Marketing

Are you ready for your closeup? Video blogging (vlogging) is a great way to market your restaurant, generate online content for social media, and one of the most effective ways to share your brand with your target customers.

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In this guide, we’ll talk about the basics of YouTube Restaurant Marketing and vlogging.

Why Start a Video Blog to Market Your Restaurant?

It's simple really — because people can see you, restaurant vlogging helps you build a connection with your target audience like no other format. With the comments section enabled, you can reply to your viewers directly, heightening the rapport. There is no better way to get your brand message across to new customers than to speak directly to them.

YouTube vlogging is also a great way to generate social media engagement on other platforms like Facebook and Reddit. Because you can create short videos on a regular basis, video blogs are an important element for marketing your restaurant online. The fact is that many people are more willing to watch a 5 minute YouTube video than reading a blog post.

Rules For Restaurant Marketing Vlogs:

You always want to put your best foot forward and stay true to your brand. Follow these rules regarding basic equipment and techniques you need to get started creating an amazing vlog for YouTube Restaurant Marketing!


Lights, Camera...

Camera — Many phones these days have great cameras, but do some testing to make sure yours does, before you start posting videos do a test to make sure it looks good. Most digital cameras also have a video mode too. Most webcams do not have the video quality you need to make a good looking vlog for your restaurant.

Tripod — One of the surest signs of poor quality is an unstable image. There are many inexpensive options and an adjustable tripod is highly recommended. A regular camera will have a hole for mounting to your tripod, and mounts designed to hold a phone or tablet are widely available. Never record “vertical video”. Make sure your phone is pointed sideways, so your video matches the viewer’s monitor.

Audio — Quality audio is extremely important. No one will watch your vlog if the sound quality is poor. Use your camera’s “mic” jack or your phone’s headphone jack to connect a lapel mic or other type of external microphone for recording. Make sure you’re recording in a quiet place, without excessive background noise from equipment or other people talking. Take care that your audio is not recorded too loud or too quiet. Some adjustments can be made when editing, but it’s best to record proper audio, to begin with. Be careful when adding background music to your video blog, because it can be very distracting if done incorrectly.

Lighting — Lighting is another make-or-break element to consider. You want your restaurant to be “shown in the best light,” after all. It’s highly recommended that you buy an inexpensive lighting kit designed for video bloggers. This kit will usually include two lights with adjustable height stands and some kind of material to diffuse the light so it’s not harsh. If your video is dark or your lights are casting strong shadows you will not be presenting a professional look for your restaurant.

Background — Pay attention to what is behind you. You want a pleasant background that is clean and free of clutter or distracting movement. It’s recommended that you show off your restaurant. Find a nice wall or a great view that will get people interested in coming to see your establishment for themselves.

Editing — When deciding how much editing you want to perform, keep in mind that the more editing you plan, the more work it will take to get your vlog online. If you’re using your phone to record, there are many apps that will allow you to trim and create simple edits. YouTube also includes simple editing tools you can use after you upload your video. Adding intros, logos, graphics, music and more complex editing, will require a computer.



Always check to make sure you have enough storage space and a full battery on your camera before you get started! You don’t want to get cut off in the middle of a great moment.

When you record your restaurant video blogs for YouTube, you want to strike a balance between casual and prepared. This is why planning is so important. Have a clear topic in mind before you start recording. Don’t be afraid to refer to your notes if you need to. Speak about what you know, and let your natural personality shine! People will enjoy your restaurant Vlog more when they can relate to you.

Restaurant vlogging on YouTube allows you to create featured content such as commercials, short films about your restaurant, interviews with staff and customers, showcase events, how-to videos and of course, beautiful images of your food. Vlogging is just the beginning. As you gain familiarity with the tools used for video blogging, the door opens to create more complex YouTube restaurant marketing content. Dining is a sensory experience and shooting video is a great way to excite your customer with that experience!

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