Secure Payments

Verified Protection You Can Count On

Rezku’s advanced payment security protects your business

  • Highest security PCI E2EE data encryption
  • EMV payments for chargeback and fraud protection
  • Contactless payments for Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Mobile wireless terminals for pay-at-table
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Tap-to-pay for super-fast checkout

Accommodate your guests' desire to pay quickly by smartphone or NFC tap to pay credit cards.

  • Minimize physical exchange between staff and guests
  • Contactless payment for NFC enabled chip cards
  • Tap to pay for Apple Pay, Google Pay and others
  • Safe and reliable for faster checkout
Tap-to-pay for super-fast checkout

The highest level PCI secure payments

Rezku leads in payment security with the first 100% EMV and PCI compliant restaurant point of sale, ensuring your payment system meets the highest security standards.

  • E2EE encryption standard locks card data at the moment it’s entered
  • 100% PCI DSS compliant to protect you from expensive credit card fraud audits
  • Avoid costly data breaches you may be liable for without this protection
The highest level PCI secure payments

Fast-chip EMV for speedy checkout

Rezku’s fast-chip technology speeds up checkout by 50%. Fully encrypted and secure, while protecting you from chargebacks and liability.

Tap-to-pay for super-fast checkout

Get paperless verification

Digital signatures are stored with your transactions for extra security when fighting chargebacks

  • Reprint credit card receipts any time
  • Sign-on-screen eliminates the need for paper verification
  • Pre-Authorize tabs to validate payment and close even if the guest leaves
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A superior offline mode

Take credit card payments even when your internet is down. Rezku automatically syncs payments when you’re back online.

  • Keep taking credit cards when the internet goes down
  • Transactions automatically sync when back online
  • Payment data is fully encrypted with DES3 security
A superior offline mode

Experience payment freedom

Rezku’s secure payment platform gives your guests the freedom to pay how they like, without compromise

  • Accept all major credit cards from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX
  • Accept prepaid cards, and debit cards
  • Accept gift cards
  • Rezku offers competitive processing rates
Experience payment freedom

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