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10 Things Your Host Should Do Everyday

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Hosts handle supporting the customers with the services that they need to get themselves registered in the good books of the customers. There are sets of many things that need to be done by the restaurant’s host so they can satisfy their clients and prove themselves as great host. The ten things we piled up that must be done by your host every day to achieve this are mentioned below.

1. Be Proactive

This is one of the most desired qualities that is directly proportional to the anticipating ability of the hosts. The host much be on the heels to be able to serve the customers in the best conceivable way. For example, if the drink has finished in the customer’s glass, the host must be sensible and active enough to reach there and ask him/her for more even before the call from a customer. These small kinds of traits are the ones that show whether the hosts are proactive or too lazy to deal and re-visit.

2. Plan

Plans of the host must be separate for every individual customer as per their needs. Obviously, every customer is different from another, and their distinguishing factor is their needs and demands that they seek in the restaurant. Some customers will be different from other in an aspect of manner and behavior, and some might be fine to wait for a longer duration for the food while others could opt to leave the place if there is even a short delay in serving their food. Similarly, one kind of customers may want desserts and salad while another type of customer could only order beverages or tea or even coffee. So, the hosts must have a plan to handle every customer under different stipulations and circumstances.

3. Improve on the Basis of Feedback from the Previous Day

There is hardly anything more important for businesses than feedback from the customers since the customers are the ones who are the main revenue generating factors, so it is inevitable to get the feedback from them, ask them to register their complaints in a well-structed organized form. After the complains from the customers are gathered, they should be worked on and must not be thrown away or overlooked. If the restaurant gets to deal with the customers’ complaints and make betterment, then it is only favorable for the business and helps in enhancement of the impression in the customers’ eye.

4. Plan the Day

Planning the day means that your upcoming day as a host will be much better than the prior day and will prevent the same mistakes and loopholes from repeating again. It also means that one day is different from the other with respect to the event, function, occasion, or a universal memory so that must be kept in mind while planning for the day. In example, if the customers are booking your restaurant’s seats for Valentine’s day, then you should realize that it will not be like a normal day, hence your plan should be done right according to the situation.

5. Pre-Assign Stations

This means that work allocation and assigning must be done in a well-mannered way through pre-assigned stationing process. That way, everyone will be aware of their roles and duties they are assigned to. It creates decentralization of the functions, which helps in the performance of duties. In the absence of pre-designated stations, only a limited number of individuals are levied with too much workload and as a result, their performance gets distorted as they are forced to do what they are not capable of in majority of the cases. Nowadays, almost all of the large enterprises and starred restaurants have adopted pre-assigned stations technique which helps them achieve their goals in the most efficient way.

6. Keep Track of Stations

It is essential step to figure out and analyze the level of output given by the workers or employees that have been assigned to the duties and responsibilities. Keeping track of stations is a used practice because it ascertains which employees are under performing and which ones are at the top of the list. Similarly, by keeping the insights of the stations, the lazy workers can be warned or asked to improve, and the ones who are giving their best can be appreciated in the way they deserve to be praised.

7. Keep Track of Guests Approaching the Restaurant and Greet Them

Having an insight about the turnover of the customers is not necessary only for better hosting services but it plays a pivotal role in defining the revenue generated by each customer. In the same way, tracking of new coming guests helps in finding out the cost involved in the service of each person and whether the cost is sufficient enough for the purpose or if there is the need to increase or decrease it. Other than that, how many customers are greeted in the well civilized way and how many are not can also be figured out.

8. Find out the Number of People Dining

Similarly, if the hosts have a complete record of the number of individuals that are dining out, then they will be able to provide and allocate better resources and quality of service for them. If they have no idea what is turnout ratio, then it will be an arduous task to manage and flourish a restaurant system.

9. Take Customer Feedback

Seeking feedback regarding the taste of food, quality of service, waiting time on the table, the variety of the menu and similar other things is essential, as that is how the restaurant can get over the shortcomings and make the mandatory improvements to fully satisfy the customers to minimize the ratio of complaints and negative feedback.

10. Maintain Supplies

Supplies are the supplements and secondary services that are over and above the main departments of the restaurant. They work as a value added additional services and must be readily available to the customers.

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