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10 Things You Can Do to Make Waiting Tables Painless

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Being assigned to waiting tables is not always a pleasing experience, especially when ones are desperate to get some food or are waiting for someone to join at the same tables. In such sort of scenario, making waiting tables less painless for the customers and public is an uphill task but once the management is successful in converting agonizing waiting table experiences into a joyful time, then there is hardly anything that can stop the business form achieving the goodwill of the public.

1. Plan the Day

Formulating a specific plan and schedule for the day is necessary because that is how the day is going to be spent. However, once a policy is made, the second stage is the implement, which without things can go blindly and it could be devastating from the business perspective. Planning the day includes how different the customers will be treated and if there is a special event or occasion and then what specials can be done to make the day memorable for the customers. These are just brief examples and a day means full business hours of working and the plan for it must be precise, comprehensive, and practical.

2. Greet Your Customers Warmly

Imagine if someone comes to your home and you greet them with an unwelcoming and gloomy face, what would their reaction be and would they be willing to pay you a visit next time? Certainly not. So, the same is the case with the management of hotels and restaurants, if you do not welcome your customers with opened arms and a smile, then a customer will have an unpleasant impression about your services right from the start of his/her visit. Always train your employees to greet new comers warmly so that they get motivated to become permanent customers for you.

3. Know Everything There Is To Know

There is not only a waiting tables in the hotel, but there are several other aspects and things as well that need to be looked after and properly considered. Most important out of such things is food; obviously people are waiting at a table for the food most of the time and how does it feel if they do not get safe or hygienic food after such a tiresome wait? Similarly, the other things that have a secondary importance after the food but must be in adequate order include: the pots, dishes, restrooms, and courtesy level of the employees etc.

4. Check With Customers

Taking feedback from the customers work as a lifeline for any business, whether it is hoteling, car rental, or any other service. The purpose of taking feedback about the kind of service you are providing, for example, there can be an oral method, through which employees or management can directly head to customers and ask for their input, the other way is to give them a questionnaire before they leave your place and politely ask them to answer the required questions.

5. Take Note of Complaints

It is impossible that your customers are always satisfied and pleased with your provided services. Once you decide to take the input from the customers in the shape of their feedback, make sure to add a box or head for the complaints that they may have. The customers might be reluctant to speak up against the services of your business; however, they will be more comfortable to do the same in writing. So, always take note of the problems and complains that are faced by the customers. Customer complaints do not have a negative impact on the businesses, they offer the authority with a chance to improve and enhance the level of their performance.

6. Offer Complimentary Items If You Can

Usually, the newly established businesses adapt the strategy of offering giveaways and gifts to the customers. However, it is not a useless practice to offer complimentary items and products related to your services, only if this policy is not a financial burden to the company. The business must avoid such sort of endeavors if it is not economically feasible because that way the cost of services exceeds only.

7. Don’t Try to Change a Situation You Cannot

If you know a customer is difficult or grumpy, try to greet them nicely and do everything you are in position to do for a customer. However, if you cannot alter the condition, better not blame yourself about it.

8. Clear the Tables and Offer Desserts

Making ways, guiding, and clearing tables is a necessary practice as far as customer service is concerned. However, as soon as you have cleared the tables, your job is not finished here, in fact, your duties remain intact until the customer is inside the house. Offering desserts, other sweets, or salads before or after the meal can only bring goodwill of the customers, even if the customer decides to say no to your offer.

9. Bring the Check

Right after the needs of the customers have been served, make sure to keep checking back with the customers after every fair interval just to ensure that everything is in order and the customer is not in need of anything further. Also, make sure that nothing is missing and anticipate the needs of the customers. The important thing to remember in all the process is not to hamper the privacy of customers by approaching them after every minute and if you realize the customers are not welcoming, wait for the call from the customers instead of going for a check by yourself.

10. Urge Them to Come Again While Saying Good Bye

When the customer has made the payment of the bill and is set to leave, it is the perfect time to bit a polite and pleasant farewell, but an ideal goodbye does not finish without giving an invitation and urging customers to visit again.

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