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10 Tips for How Your Host Should Welcome a Guest

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Being a host is a responsibility within itself and is the top person the guest gets to see in their entrance, which means that you must still be focused, attentive, and efficient throughout. The fundamental is to make the place orderly and organized so that they may have a positive first impression as soon as they enter. There are also many traits that decide your role as a host, the most important things that are supposed to be kept in mind in this regard are:

1. Make Things Easy to Find

This is a board concept that starts from keeping a location that is the easiest to find out and reach for the guests or consumers. Similarly, making things easy to find also applies to certain other aspects, for example, if the visitor needs to go to the restroom then he/she must be able to easily search for and use it without any complications as it is a severe mistake by many enterprises that they have poorly directed the customer to the restroom.

2. Appropriate Talking & Communication

As soon as a guest enters, the essential thing that is observed is the way the hosts communicate. In this regard, a welcoming and greeting smile will always portray a positive sense. The host must be polite and precise to go ahead to welcome the guests, gently ask about their needs and arrange and direct them towards the seating plans. If you are unable to greet your guest pleasantly, then there is hardly any chance that the customer will even think to pay you a visit one more time.

3. Help in Clearing out Tables

Once the customers have come in, they will need to find a place to sit somewhere. If there is hustle then the visitor will find their desired table to sit at but if there is a lot of rush, the customer could find it tough to find a table. So, if your customers or guest are waiting for tables, the more helping hands can make it happen even more promptly.

4. Keep a Positive Attitude

Attitude towards the work and service defines your inner personality and etiquettes that you do possess as a host. Keeping a positive attitude is essential no matter whatever the situation is. If things are out of control, still the customer service is such a job where the host cannot take a risk to have an unpleasant or negative appearance. If you can keep your calm even in the worst situation, then you would be able to win the goodwill of the customers.

5. Inquire About the Number of People

Your guest tends to ask for a time frame in most of the cases and the wise host will never give a specific time, instead they will tell them an approximate time to keep things under control. So, make sure to note down everyone’s name right down so no one feels overlooked and that is only possible once you ask the total number of the people at the start. The guest is usually impatient and that is where the ability of hosts is tested to keep them intact, otherwise they could straight away decide to leave.

6. Assign the Seating Accordingly

Usually, the seat positioning and sizes are the same for all the members of a group of visiting family which is a bad mistake to make. The ideal stance is to assign the seats according to age and respect manner. For example, for the kids, there will be need of small booths or chairs only. However, the hosts need to ask about the elder member of the family and offer him distinguished seating accordingly to give them a sense of home and family.

7. Rotate Stations

Disburse the tables evenly among all the servers, but there is need to consider how many large family or party they might have. Other than to ensure the privacy of the customers, try not to seat them too close with another family or group if it is not inevitable because most of the individuals are very careful and concerned about their privacy and do not want anyone to hamper it.

8. Distribute Menus

The first practice of assigning the seats is to serve the guests with water or beverage of course. After that, distribute the menu cards among the guests, if your company has only one kind of menu card, then distribute at least two in each table. However, if there are the number of cards according to the variety of menus, then it is better to ask the guests their needs before serving them with a menu card promptly. Do not throw a list and leave, instead politely inquire about their requirements, especially if there are children or senior citizens then asking their specific needs is mandatory.

9. Do Refilling and Get Some Things

Have a keen look at the pots put on the table and some pots might need refilling without even asking, for instance, water bottles or jugs. While others might need approval from the guests before refilling, do ask for a refill in such case. Besides that, the guests could also need several other additional things to use, for example, an extra plate, fork or utensils and it is possible that the guest needs napkins, tissue papers, or sausage, etc. Stay around them to anticipate the needs and requirements even before the demand of the gust.

10. Respond to the Customer Even If You Are Busy

It is highly possible due to the number of more people; the host might be busy with another client. And in the case if you are in communication with another customer and a call comes for help from another table, then do not simply ignore it, instead make eye contact and let them know courteously that you would get back to them very shortly.

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