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5 Tips on Handling a Busy Day

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It is not difficult to organize and handle problems if you do not have a busy day, but the true organization and management of your restaurant is shown once you have a busy day ahead of you. It is essential for your restaurant to plan for busy days, so that you can manage busy days effectively. If you are a restaurant manager, your management skills are reflected by how happy your staff and customers are, specifically staff, because if your staff is happy they will keep your customers happy as well. To keep your staff happy, it is important for you to know how to handle a busy day and educate your stuff on how to handle a busy day. To find out how to handle a busy day, please read below:

1. Planning

As mentioned in several tips for managing a restaurant, planning is the key to effective management. If you have not planned for a busy day, then you are very likely to not be able to handle the day ahead. Therefore, it is essential for you to plan in advance. If you are wondering where to start the planning process from then, the first point is to start analyzing your daily needs and things that could go wrong. If you can come up with the list of things that can go wrong, you can come up with a prevention plan to avoid mistakes. If you are an already running restaurant, then you can plan based on prior busy days and plan accordingly. Make notes of the dos and don’ts of your busy day based on earlier data and the devise a list of strategies you can use to prevent problems on busy days.

It is important to incorporate your staff to the planning process because your staff handles plan execution. Moreover, based on the feedback from the staff back-end and floor staff you can provide them with strategies they can use to resolve future problems. It is important to devise a list of dos and don’ts to avoid any hassle during the day. The dos and don’ts list can be a general list that you can think of and it can be made based on previous experiences of the staff.

2. Staffing

If your restaurant’s staff does not match the number of customers and you are overstaffed or understaffed, you are not only going to face problems on a busy day but in general as well. Therefore, to handle a busy day or for effective management of your restaurant, it is important to staff according to your requirements and capacity. Staffing requirements can be assessed based on your experience and based on the staff’s feedback on the level of work. For example, if the staff is constantly complaining of work overload, then you should identify where you can hire more staff.

3. Know Your Staff

For your plan to be execute, you need to know who can do what. Therefore, it is important for you to know your staff. You will need to keep your staff happy for them to make customers happy, thus, knowing your staff can also help you in keeping them happy. Moreover, knowing your staff can help you with managing busy days and to manage effectively because you can.

4. Identify Key People

Identifying key people who can deal with crisis, manage in your absence, or deal with any problems can help in effective operations management. You cannot identify key people if you do not get to know your staff, so work closely with your staff and assess their strengths and weaknesses and for busy days, pick those who can help you with effective management. The strengths and weaknesses can be assessed for training purposes so you can train your staff accordingly and build up their strengths for dealing with crisis situations and busy days.

5. Use Scheduling Apps

If you have assigned tasks, your staff knows what they are doing and what they need to do in advance, then you can avoid most of the crisis. To keep everyone updated on their schedule and duties, use restaurant management apps such as Rezku Waitlist. Rezku Waitlist is a wait-listing app for restaurants, it can help you in effective front house management. If you use a scheduling and front house management app i.e. Rezku Waitlist, you can assess all your employee schedules on your mobile device i.e. iPad or tablet and your employees can assess their schedule at any time.

The key thing to remember while handling a busy day is to keep your staff trained for tricky situations. If they are not ready, then they are likely to not handle a busy well, moreover it is important for you to remember that you need to trust your staff and customers may not always be right. Some customers might complain due to a busy schedule and long-waiting time, which will have nothing to do with your staff but with your restaurant capacity. Therefore, it is important to get to know your staff and trust them so that they can handle a busy day effectively.

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