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How to Hire Staff for Front House Management

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You have all probably heard the famous phrase, “whole is greater than sum of its parts”. This great saying Aristotle does not only apply to cellular function of the body but it applies to all tasks needing a joint team effort. When running a restaurant, you should imagine your front house management the same way because it needs joint team effort and for your front house team and staff to work together like a well-oiled machine. In the contemporary restaurant environment, there are several applications which can help in streamlining front house operations and processes, e.g. Rezku Waitlist is a wait listing app which can be used by front house staff for different activities. Apps such as Rezku Waitlist can help in increasing efficiency but to use the app you need to know what staff to hire and how to hire the right staff for front house management.

Hiring the Front End Staff

The front-end staff is the first impression of your hospital, they will be managing all the visible operations of your restaurant ranging from greeting the guests to serving them. So, when hiring for front desk you will be looking at waiters, hosts, and bartenders etc. Since the front-end staff manages the visible operations of the restaurant, they need to be efficient, quick, and amicable. So, if you are looking to find out what to look for when hiring front-end staff, please read below.


When you are hiring your front-end staff, hire with the consideration that these employees are going to be directly interacting with your customers. So, it is important to hire people who have friendly personalities and who can make customers feel welcomed and comfortable. For example, anyone can hold and open the door and take the customer to their seat, but if you have hired a host who knows how to effectively deal with different situations and talk to people, they can build personal relationships with people. Imagine your own dining experience, there would be certain restaurants that you remember because you know the name of the host and they know you and every time you go to the restaurant, they greet you and probably knows the table you like to be seated at etc. If you hire a host who can do the same for you then people are likely to come back to your restaurant because such small gestures matters to customers and make them feel special. So, when hiring front-end staff make sure you are hiring people who can adapt to being friendly, who are friendly, and can converse with customers without being rude or disruptive.

Hiring experienced staff will always help but if you are hiring inexperienced staff then you should include these points in your training so that your employees can be trained according to your objectives and expectations.


As mentioned earlier, experience matters, however in certain occasions you might not be able to find experienced staff of your choice or salary expectations of experienced staff might be higher than your budget. In that case, you can hire inexperienced staff but then it is recommended to provide the staff with professional training by an experienced person for effective management.

Team Work

It is important for your front house staff to work together as a team to keep organized. Therefore, before hiring you should check whether a person can work in a team or not. Generally, people will adapt with time, even if they have not worked in teams, but you can design scenario questions for interviews to test their team work skills.

Your Restaurant Theme

When hiring front-end staff or back-end staff you need to keep in mind the overall concept of your restaurant and analyze if the person fits for this concept. For example, if you are opening a Mexican restaurant, you might need to hire some staff that speaks Spanish, specifically if you are hiring to target Mexican customers in a foreign country since customers will be coming for the experience along with the food. Therefore, while hiring staff you need to ensure you are hiring the staff who can deliver the experience you want to be delivered and not just serve food.

In addition to the above concepts, it is important to train the staff to work together to keep the front desk organized. To achieve that, responsibilities should be clearly divided between different staff members with goals and objectives being provided. If you are looking for a straightforward way to assign tasks and keep track of progress, you should invest in a front house management app such as Rezku Waitlist. Through Rezku Waitlist, multiple staff members can use the app at the same time and stay updated on their roles, responsibilities, and progress.

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