Rezku + Ziosk®

Rezku plus Ziosk

Empowering restaurants with security, efficiency and insights to deliver a better guest experience

  • Secure Payment
  • Menu Browse and Order
  • Post Dining Surveys
  • Loyalty/eClub Enrollment
  • Entertainment
  • Promotions & Upsells
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Ziosk® increases labor efficiency and throughput at peak hours.

With payment on demand, servers spend more time with guests on immediate needs and allows you to seat more guests during the busy times driving top and bottom line benefits for the restaurant.

  • Improve guest satisfaction
  • Speed up service with faster turns
  • Pay on demand instead of waiting
Ziosk increases labor efficiency and throughput at peak hours

Enhance the dining experience with entertainment

The opt-in entertainment offering on Ziosk tablets includes communal games that spark conversation and bring in new revenue streams.

  • Games from industry leaders like Toca Boca, EA and Marvel
  • Ziosk® custom trivia game is the most popular and fun for the whole table
  • Revenue sharing opportunity for restaurants
Enhance the dining experience with entertainment

Safe, Secure Contactless Payment

With any of the hardware options Ziosk® offers, guests can take control of the payment experience and provide restaurants the security to eliminate fraudulent charges.

  • Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Secure P2PE encryption for fraud protection
  • Pay at the table saves 7-10 minutes on table turn times.
Safe, Secure Contactless Payment

Gain guest and team insights

Ziosk's extensive data tracking provides insights into guest experience and team member performance to better manage your restaurant.

  • Over 25% of guests complete post dining surveys
  • Dashboards updated in real-time show employee and restaurant metrics
  • PLU based questions provide item specific insights
Gain guest and team insights

A Ziosk® for every table

Beyond the original Ziosk® additional form factors have been added, including Ziosk® Mini, Virtual, Tether and Pro. Gain flexibility without skimping on the features you expect.

A Ziosk for every table
  • Ziosk® Virtual app enhances your guest’s personal smart phone with the Ziosk® experience
  • Ziosk® mini takes up 60% less table space so now even 2 tops can be comfortably accommodated
  • Ziosk® Pro and Tether allow payments through Ziosk® integration anywhere your servers have Wi-Fi

Rezku POS with full Ziosk® Integration

Orders on Ziosk® tabletop tablets are just like orders on the POS. They print directly to the kitchen. And Rezku POS reporting includes Ziosk® orders. We take care of the integration so everything works smoothly for you and your guests.

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