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Packed with Robust Features & Dynamic Technology

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Achieve Greater Efficiency

Train your staff in just minutes with our intuitive POS interface with on-screen guidance. Say goodbye to speed-sucking complexity and hello to happier, productive teams.

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Streamline Operations Effortlessly

Manage everything from orders and inventory to reports and staff scheduling, all from your smartphone. Rezku keeps your business running smoothly, anywhere, anytime.

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Catapult Your Sales Growth

Attract and retain customers with online ordering, delivery management, and loyalty programs. Rezku turns every click into a win for your restaurant.

Simplify Operations, Boost Sales, & Delight Customers

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Conquer Kitchen Chaos

With Smart KDS and Auto 86-ing

Avoid kitchen meltdowns before they start and reduce mistakes by 23% or more. Rezku seamlessly relays orders, enhances QC and ensures that everything keeps running like clockwork.

Achieve Inventory Intelligence

Automatic inventory status alerts

Rezku’s smart inventory management eliminates guesswork, and can reduce waste as much as 36%. Track every ingredient automatically and boost your bottom line.

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Turn Your Staff Into Superheros

Do more with fewer employees

Empower Your Waitstaff with Rezku’s user-friendly POS that simplifies tasks, minimizes errors, and frees them to unleash their powers of extraordinary service.

Turbocharge Service Times

Keep your customers happy

Watch profits multiply as Rezku’s lightning-fast POS busts the line, frees up tables for more covers, puts more cash in your pocket, and reduces staffing requirements.

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Unlock Data-Driven Decision-Making

Stop guessing and start understanding

Find the secret sauce of success with Rezku. Reveal food trends and guest preferences to staff smartly and target promotions that hit the mark. Watch your restaurant rise to the top through the wisdom of data.


Backed with unlimited 24/7 support

Get the lowest cost of ownership POS that includes more to help you compete. Online ordering, gift cards, loyalty rewards, custom reporting and much more. With free training to help you get the most from everything included.

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They got amazing results – you could be next.

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Rezku’s full service solution revolutionized operations for high-volume surf and turf concept Land Ocean.

"Having looked at so many different POS systems, Rezku is the best on the market."

Mark Fucci
Manager, Land Ocean Restaurant

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With Rezku, counter service has become simpler and more profitable for Cafe Dantorels, Rafi’s mediterranean cafe concept.

"Rezku helps me to have peace of mind"

Rafi Rozbahani
Owner, Cafe Dantorels

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