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$700 Off

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Quotation mark I've used most of the top POS systems out there, and for me, Rezku stands out as one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive POS systems available today.

Considering the value you get for the price you pay, Rezku is truly the hidden gem of the POS world. Quotation mark

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Best POS Ever

Rezku listens to their customer's feedback and is always improving its system. I will never use any other POS system EVER.

Tracey Lurie, Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria

The support level is unbelievable

As we were implementing and learning we were getting answers within minutes by using their chat system every time. Yes, EVERY time.

John Weeks, Sip & Savor, LLC

Ease-of-use and customer support is superior

Rezku listens to their customer's feedback and is always improving its system. I will never use any other POS system EVER.

Teddy Wilson, Redneck Smoke

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Built for speed Firework 1 Firework 2

Bar ordering built for speed

When the bar is packed it’s all about speed and accuracy. Rezku’s intuitive design makes it easy to start a tab, ring in drinks, find a tab, reorder with a swipe and close out. And you can hand back the card after starting a tab.

  • Quick-swipe to reorder drinks
  • Fast-bar menu for top drinks
  • Pinch to view drink recipes on screen
  • Server drinks print to the bar printer or KDS
Incremental Bar Tabs

Efficient, Secure Bar Tabs

Open and close tabs lightning fast while protecting your business from walkouts and expensive chargebacks. Rezku’s innovative bar tabs allow you to hand back the cards while keeping the tab open. It is 100% EMV and PCI compliant. Tab sort and search finds any tab in seconds.

  • Incremental bar tab authorization as more drinks are added
  • 100% EMV and PCI compliant protection from chargebacks
  • Close tabs without a customer present. Hand back cards after opening tab
  • Search and sort tab screen to find any open tabs in seconds
Theft Mitigation Firework 3 Firework 4

Theft Mitigation

Theft comes in many forms for bars. But Rezku gives you the weapons to combat. With increased accountability and tracking you can discourage employee theft before it happens. And have a record of any suspicious activity.

  • Per user bar POS permissions
  • Secure manager PIN access
  • Suspicious activity reports
  • BarVision tap regulators integration
Bar Inventory Management Firework 5 Firework 6

Bar Inventory Management

Strict inventory management is how Bar Patrol members maintain profitability. Losses from theft and over pouring can hit you hard. Rezku keeps track of your inventory and provides and alert when levels get low. Auditing is easy and discrepancies are shown clearly.

  • Integration with electronic pour regulators
  • Audit inventory to eliminate overpouring
  • Automatic manager low inventory emails
  • Discrepancy and unauthorized discount reporting
Automatic Happy Hours Firework 7

Automatic Happy Hours

Every bar needs a happy hour but Rezku gives you more. Timed pricing adjusts automatically, allowing you to raise and lower prices through the day. Bartenders don’t even have to think about it!

  • Apply at preset time so bartenders don’t have to remember
  • Reduce happy hour mistakes from manual discounting
  • Unlimited happy hour days, rules and products
  • Super easy setup with preset discounting

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More than just a bar point of sale
Get a complete management solution

Employee Management Icon

Employee Management

Track employee performance. Maintain labor compliance. Effectively manage your entire team without the added cost of a separate timecard system.

Operations Icon


Improve efficiency. Maintain the competitive edge. Total inventory management. Hundreds of in-depth customizable reports to keep you on top of a quickly changing industry.

Cost Controls Icon

Cost Controls

Accountability-based reporting. Live KPI dashboards. Comparative analysis reports. Actionable insight into critical business areas so you can deliver results.

Implementation Icon


The fastest POS to get you up and running. Train staff in 20 minutes. Change menus on the fly. Cloud-based mobile management from anywhere.



Unmatched bulletproof dependability. Sturdy hardware. Automatic cloud backups. Credit card payments without internet. Use Rezku POS even in a blackout.

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Industry-leading POS data protection. Access ID cards. 2-Factor authentication. 100% EMV and PCI compliant with end-to-end encryption.

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Multi-site data sharing. Enterprise loyalty and gift cards. Controled manager access with change-tracking. Activate additional POS tablets in less than 5 minutes.

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VIP Service & Support

Leading industry experts provide unlimited personalized consulting and remote support. Late nights, weekends and holidays, speak directly to live support without hold times.