• RezKū Online Reservation System
    Introducing the world's first
    dynamic restaurant reservation system
  • RezKū Online Reservation System
    Tired of outdated software? We're here to RezKū you.
    RezKu Restaurant Reservation System

RezKū — The New Standard In Online Restaurant Reservation Systems

RezKū Online Reservation System

Solid Software

RezKū isn't a mobile or tablet application. RezKū is powerful, capable restaurant reservation software at your fingertips.

Keep More

RezKū never charges cover fees for reservations made on your website, Facebook page, or even our website.

Customer Loyalty

RezKū's built in marketing program is designed to bring customers back to your restaurant again and again.

Brand New Tech

RezKū is developed with the latest technology and is optimized specifically for busy restaurants.

Designed For Your Restaurant

Introducing the RezKū Reservation System

The RezKū reservation system was designed after two years of intense research. We talked to 100's of restaurant owners around the country, watched the busiest maitre d's seat 1000's of guests, and interviewed hosts from mom and pop restaurants to large chains. We asked every question. Then we dared ourselves to build a system to address the snags and headaches.

Based on our research, we knew we had to do things differently, beginning with how restaurants get charged by their reservation company. We know restaurants work on very small margins. That's why we charge a flat rate for our system (just $300 a month), and no cover charges or reservation fees for reservations made from our website, your website or your Facebook page. That one fee pays for everything: the software, the multi-touch computer system, the back of house portal and tech support. You will never see a surprise on your bill.

Not tech savvy? The RezKū Reservation System is so intuitive that virtually anyone can learn to use it in under 15 minutes. Once you see RezKū, we think you'll agree. Every restaurant can save time and money by switching to the new standard in online restaurant reservation systems.

RezKū — Making Restaurants More

Robust Software

RezKū is not a tablet application. No more squinting to take reservations on a small awkward device. RezKū is state of the art reservation software that allows you to control all of your reservations, your wait list, your front-of-house and all your servers with revolutionary new technology that is all integrated into a 20 inch multi-touch system.

All software upgrades are complimentary and done without hassling you and your staff.

RezKū Reservation System is powerful
RezKū Reservation System is affordable


Keep your profits. The complete RezKū system is priced starting at just $300 per month and we never charge for reservations made from your website, our website or your Facebook page. Sign up today and receive a three year price lock guarantee.

With RezKū reservation software you never get a surprise on your bill. Our prices include a multi-touch computer system, RezKū reservation software, complete back of house portal and unlimited tech support.

We Guarantee It

Our reservation system is backed by unlimited tech support. All hardware is guaranteed to perform or we'll next day air you a new system at no charge to you. Plus we have integrated tech support chat built into our system.

Never again do you have to be on the phone with tech support in front of your guest. We can help you solve issues without your guest ever knowing.

RezKū Reservation System comes with a satisfaction gaurantee

The RezKū Reservation System was built for speed and efficiency. It will work just as fast as your staff will.

Have an issue or question? Chat with one of our support staff members directly within RezKū.

Whatever your experience, RezKū is incredibly intuitive and can be taught to anyone in under 15 minutes.

We take security very seriously. That's why all your data is transmitted with 2048-bit SSL encryption.

Your restaurant is packed with guests.
RezKū is packed with features.

Call us now for a free demonstration of RezKū       844-MY-REZKU | 844-697-3958