Advanced Functionality That Service Pros Demand

Advanced POS Functionality for Food Service

Rezku’s feature-rich POS brings the best software and hardware together, for a unique restaurant management system that addresses the real-world challenges of food and beverage service operations.

Advanced POS Functionality for Food Service
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"Rezku helps me to have peace of mind"

"It’s so simple for my employees. They barely need any training for Rezku. It’s so simple and straightforward."

Rafi Rozbahani
Owner, Cafe Dantorels

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Servers Learn Rezku In about 10 Minutes

Rezku’s thoughtfully designed interface increases your team’s efficiency, getting orders to your customers faster, so you can generate higher profits. With Rezku, you and your team will be surprised how much more work you can get done.

  • blue checkmark Meticulously designed for ease of use by non-techies
  • blue checkmark Short training videos built into the POS for reference
  • blue checkmark Includes 24/7 live POS support

Juggle Your Orders With Ease

Rezku has the easiest order management system of any POS, adapting to the needs of quick service, bars and full service restaurants.

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For Table Service

  • blue checkmark Order by table from the floor plan
  • blue checkmark Quickly switch between tables in your section
  • blue checkmark Send orders to the kitchen by course
  • blue checkmark Effortlessly split checks multiple ways
  • blue checkmark Use server-stations or mobile POS at the table
counter service screenshots

For Counter Service

  • blue checkmark Orders fire to the kitchen when paid
  • blue checkmark Manage takeout orders by channel and status
  • blue checkmark Caller ID integration for phone orders
  • blue checkmark Customer facing display to ensure order accuracy
bar service screenshots

For Bar Service

  • blue checkmark Open a tab and hand back the card
  • blue checkmark Quickly transfer drinks between tabs
  • blue checkmark Multiple ways to organize your tabs
  • blue checkmark Switch quickly between tabs
  • blue checkmark Swipe to add one and re-order drinks

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

Attractive, Modern Hardware Built to Last

Rezku’s top-quality POS hardware gives you the confidence to count on your system’s reliability.

rezku pos hardware bundle

Achieve +99% Order Accuracy With Customer Facing Displays

For every sandwich shop, pizzeria and everything in between – if your customers expect to make special requests at the counter, Rezku’s CFDs are a life-saver. Increase tips by 58% or more with Rezku’s customer facing displays for counter service.

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What Sets Rezku’s CFDs Apart:

  • blue checkmark Larger screens for clearer order visualization
  • blue checkmark Multiple themes and graphics to match your brand
  • blue checkmark Promotional slideshow images when idle
  • blue checkmark Free app included with service

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

Chris Caserta

"Our busy restaurant runs smoother because of Rezku

We noticed an improvement right away because there is so much added value in the Rezku app. All of their employees care deeply about your success, and operate with a high level of integrity and competency which can be hard to find in today's society."

Chris Caserta
Owner, The Hungry Diner

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Protect your Business with Offline Fail-Over

Rezku’s hybrid POS technology gives you the power of the cloud with a robust offline mode that keeps service operations running when the internet goes down. And when your internet service is fixed, offline activity is automatically synced like nothing happened.

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  • blue checkmark Orders keep printing to the kitchen
  • blue checkmark Credit payments are still captured
  • blue checkmark POS stations keep taking orders
  • blue checkmark Your customers will never know!

Integrations for Enhanced Capabilities

Rezku provides the most included features of any POS, enhanced by our library of additional 3rd party integrations. Seamlessly use Rezku with your favorite bookkeeping, inventory, scheduling payroll systems and more.

rezku integration partners

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.