To-Go and Delivery Features

Your Control Center for Off All Premises Orders

To-Go and Delivery Features

Rezku is your logistical hub for all to-go and delivery orders, seamlessly integrating call-in, online, and 3rd party app orders. Streamline production and simplify fulfillment, alongside your dine-in orders.

To-Go and Delivery Features
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The Complete System For High Production To-Go and Delivery

Off premises orders are over 61% of restaurant demand. Rezku is the turn-key solution for restaurants determined to make waves in the growing off premises dining market.


Order Capture

Consolidate orders from multiple channels

order capture features

Call-in orders

CRM with Caller ID integration speeds up calls, identifying saved customer profiles and duplicating past orders.


Walk-up orders

Take orders from on-site customers. Order priority and wait time is managed automatically.


QR-code orders

Customers scan your code, order and pay via your digital menu.


Online orders

Includes first party online ordering and payment. White-label and customized, free from extra food commissions.


3rd party app integration

Simplify and eliminate all the extra tablets. Capture app orders on your POS alongside in-house orders.



Orders print at the right time, every time


Slots-based pacing

You control the pace of the kitchen from the POS or the KDS. Provide accurate fulfillment estimates for online and call-in orders.


Delivery time estimates

Maps-integrated delivery directions calculate accurate delivery times for your online and call-in orders.


Future orders print automatically

Never lose track of pre-orders in a rush. The system manages print time automatically based on fulfillment estimates.

pre-fullfillment features


Turn your kitchen into a high-productivity machine

production features

Sophisticated item routing

Send order products to one or more kitchen production stations for coordinated cooking and assembly.



For linear production and make-lines, bump items to the next station for the next cook to complete the preparation.


Monitor ticket times

Watch the ticket timer to push production, communicate with your team and rush tickets.



Achieve faster fulfillment and higher quality

fulfillment features

Nothing missing – Ensure complete high quality orders

Packaging team checks off items for quality while boxing and bagging. Multi-bag orders are clearly tagged.


Custom labeling for quality assurance

Print sticky order tags on the fly to seal boxes and bags, ensuring a tamper-free delivery to your guests.


Verified Payment Status

Clearly visible payment status is shown for every order, on the POS and order tags, ensuring all orders are paid before fulfillment.


Order status texts

Delight your guests with text messages for order status. Texts for when their orders are ready for pickup or when delivery is underway.


Delivery management system

Rezku’s fully-featured driver dispatch system features a driver info tag for each order, turn by turn directions and SMS order details sent to their phone.

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Streamline Call-In Orders With CRM and Caller-ID

Rezku’s Caller ID system works with all common multi-line restaurant phone systems. Pick up the call and start taking orders immediately. Saved customer information auto-fills for the order including name, address and phone number. Quickly access the caller’s previous orders for even faster service.

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QR-Ordering – More Than Just a Digital Menu

Eliminate order taking and free up your staff with the “kiosk” that’s already in everyone’s pocket. With Rezku’s QR-code ordering your on-site customers cannot only view your digital menu but also place their order, pay with their smartphone and send their order directly to the kitchen for rapid service.

Your Restaurant’s Delivery Command and Control Center

Rezku’s delivery management system for restaurants handles all your deliveries extremely efficiently. Dispatch your own drivers, manage 3rd party pickups or assign your in-house deliveries to DoorDash drivers, the choice is yours.

Achieve Seamless Delivery App Integration

Unify all your third party online orders into one platform that gives you extraordinary control of the entire process.

  • blue checkmark Use virtually any 3rd party online ordering platform, including the most popular.
  • blue checkmark Consolidate all services, eliminate extra tablets, manage from your POS.
  • blue checkmark Make changes to your menu once and sync to all services.
  • blue checkmark Incrementally increase your online prices to adjust for fees.
  • blue checkmark Eliminate the chaos of separate workflows for each service’s orders.
  • blue checkmark Track 3rd party delivery order status and confirm timely pickups.
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Driver-Free In-House Deliveries With DoorDash Drive

Whether your drivers call out or you don’t want to hire drivers at all, Rezku’s DoorDash Drive integration allows you to send your in-house deliveries into the DoorDash network.

doordash drive integration
  • blue checkmark Cut out middle-man fees. DoorDash Drive deliveries charge a flat rate rather than a percent of sales.
  • blue checkmark Set DoorDash deliveries to “always” to offer delivery without hiring your own drivers.
  • blue checkmark Use DoorDash to cover gaps in scheduling and to cover deliveries during slow periods.
  • blue checkmark DoorDash Drive is fully integrated with Rezku POS and Rezku OLO for seamless delivery assignment.

Master In-House Deliveries Rezku’s Driver Dispatch Center

Efficiently manage multiple drivers and deliveries using an easy, intuitive workflow that ensures faster, more accurate deliveries.


Turn-By-Turn Optimization

Automatically calculates the fastest route between multiple customer drop-off points.


Accurate Time Estimates

Get delivery times for each customer in the route and the driver’s return time so you can plan ahead.


Intuitive Dispatch Management

Just set the driver and the orders. Everything is calculated, including money to be collected and return time.


Comprehensive Delivery Data

Track delivery metrics, ensuring driver performance and track issues.


Customer Status Updates

Customers automatically receive text messages notifying them of their impending delivery.

Set Your Drivers Up For Success

Equip your delivery drivers with everything they need to be rock stars.

delivery driver using rezkus delivery features
  • blue checkmark Verified delivery addresses via Apple Maps API
  • blue checkmark Turn-by-turn directions to their destination
  • blue checkmark Text messages with order details and entry notes
  • blue checkmark Packaging tagged with order information and number of units
  • blue checkmark How much money (if any) is due on delivery
  • blue checkmark A clear expectation of their drop-off and return times

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.