Employee Management that Seems Effortless

Restaurant Employee Management System

Lower your labor costs and reduce bookkeeping hours with Rezku’s simple to master integrated timecard and payroll system.

Restaurant Employee Management System
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App-Based Restaurant Employee Management

Manage your restaurant employees from anywhere. Rezku’s Back Office app gives you access to your entire employee management system on your phone, tablet or computer.

app-based restaurant employee management

All fully integrated with Rezku POS – giving you a holistic view of labor in your restaurant, simplifying your workflow and saving you money with one system that has it all.

  • blue checkmark Live dashboard shows your current labor cost and ratio to sales
  • blue checkmark Monitor employee punches in real-time and know who’s on shift
  • blue checkmark Easily make time card corrections and prepare payroll reports
  • blue checkmark Adjust permissions and add or remove employees from your system

Secure Your Business And Prevent Loss

We’re on your side – Rezku’s employee management features a host of security features designed to protect restaurant owners like you from losses.

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Secure PINs

Every employee is issued a secure PIN (up to 4-12 digits) that is required to use the system.

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Secure Swipe-Cards

To prevent PIN watching, employees and managers can use swipe cards for access and overrides.

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Timecard Fraud Prevention

The system takes a photo when employees clock in or out, to verify their identity and prevent PIN sharing.

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Employee Activity Logs

All employee activity is tracked – everything – including use of “No Sale” and product voids, to protect you.

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Manager Overrides

When employees require manager approval all use of manager PINs are tracked to ensure proper use of overrides.

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Suspicious Activity Alerts

Receive current reports of all discounts, voids, comps, “No Sale” and more, sent daily to your inbox.

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Incremental Access Permissions

Every conceivable activity that can be used for fraud is locked behind a permission that you must enable for individual access.

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2-Factor Authentication

Keep unauthorized users out of your control panel with two factor authentication that requires a password and a code sent to your phone.

Preflight Controls Ensure Employee Compliance

It can be difficult to get your team to follow all labor rules, but Rezku makes it easy with preflight steps to get your team into compliance.

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After Shift Checklist

Each server must complete an end of shift checklist before clocking out, including reporting tips and making sure all orders assigned to them have been settled.

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Payroll Validation Checklist

Checks for time card anomalies and ensures each employee has compliant time cards before exporting payroll reports.

Make Payroll Easy As Pie

Rezku cuts the time you need to complete payroll with system settings to match your pay requirements and integrations with popular payroll companies.

  • blue checkmark Streamline payday with ADP and Paychex integration
  • blue checkmark Automatically send payroll exports to your bookkeeper every pay period
  • blue checkmark Full control of overtime pay rules and customized pay periods

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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