Why Rezku?

Rezku is a complete management solution for any F&B Concept. Designed for the real world, Rezku prioritizes powerful toolsets to make the most of your business without sacrificing ease of operation.

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The cornerstone of your operations

Rezku is a cutting edge hardware and cloud based restaurant management solution at an attractive price. Centralize your processes and take total control.

Front of House Operations

Rezku gives you the right tools for the job, allowing your service team to provide amazing service with a simple to use interface that puts up front just what’s needed. Servers can learn the basics of ordering with Rezku in about 15 minutes.

Kitchen Management Tools

Rezku gets your kitchen team communicating like never before. Advanced workflows take the guesswork out and provide managers with more control of quality and pace, ensuring every guest leaves happy.

Delivery management

Make sure every delivery gets to your customer fast and perfect. Rezku’s kitchen and delivery system keeps everything organized and easy to manage.

Online ordering

Rezku includes an online ordering platform that is simple to set up and easy to order. 100% integrated with the POS to ensure smooth digital order management, it utilizes your existing kitchen and delivery workflow.

Bookkeeping and reports

Take the pain out of bookkeeping with Rezku’s automatic record-keeping system tied to your POS. It gives you deep insights to make better business decisions while keeping all your data neat and tidy.

Inventory tracking

Reku’s inventory tracking system automatically adjusts stock on hand, warns you when running low and can be monitored at any time. Ensure deliveries are scheduled in time for service and maintain portion metrics through accountability.

Labor and Timecards

Rezku helps to simplify your labor systems, integrating timecards, labor management and cost analysis right on the POS, helping you stay within budget. In just a few clicks you’re ready for payroll.

Support and Training

Rezku stands by our customers at every stage of the process. Ensuring your success is our primary goal. From initial onboarding to ongoing training and support, Rezku’s highly trained in-house team is just a phone call or email away.

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