Elevate Table Service With Rezku

POS Features for Full Service

Rezku’s full service features take your restaurant operations to new heights. Intuitive tableside ordering with mobile tablets creates more personal experiences. Trusted by seasoned restaurateurs to reduce chaos, enhance service and create memorable dining experiences for guests.

Elevate Table Service With Rezku
Elevate Table Service With Rezku background
Elevate Table Service With Rezku background

"Wow, this is so easy!"

"We're paying $15 an hour and with Rezku, servers may run one table bigger in their section, so that’s actually saving us money."

Mark Platt

Owner, Sienna Restaurant

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Comprehensive Features for Full Service Dining

Rezku’s full service features cover a wide range of capabilities designed to meet the unique needs of all table-service restaurants. Optimize operations, improve service quality, and enhance guest experience.

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Mobile POS for Tableside

Provide faster, more personalized service.

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Off Premises Order Hub

Seamlessly manage all on site and off premises orders.

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Advanced Kitchen Management

Ensure order production precision at every step.

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Customer Retention Strategy

Cultivate a community of loyal customers with promotions.

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Tailored Business Reporting

View actionable business data custom fit to your needs.

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Backed With 24/7 Support

Built-tough POS with unlimited US-based support when you need it.

A Revolution in Full Service Dining

Rezku’s Mobile POS is a game-changer, enhancing guest experiences in table service restaurants.

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  • blue checkmark Server training is simple, with the most intuitive, user-friendly ordering system available.
  • blue checkmark Split large party checks easily with automatic split-by-seat, itemized and quick-split.
  • blue checkmark Increase tipping 22% with mobile payment featuring sign-on-screen.
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  • blue checkmark Orders send to the kitchen wirelessly while your server is at the table.
  • blue checkmark Manage your section efficiently with custom floor plans and live table status.
  • blue checkmark Operate comfortably with 26% fewer front of house staff and reduce labor costs.
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"It's one of those things where you didn't know this technology existed until you got it —

and it's really changed our world."

Sean Doherty

Manager, South Fork Grille

Is Rezku the POS system you’ve been searching for?

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Take Unprecedented Command of Your Kitchen Brigade

Increase order flow, cut re-fires by 15% or more, take communication to the next level. Rezku’s suite of kitchen management tools optimizes workflows and keeps restaurants with limited back-of-house staff out of the weeds.

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Powerful Ticket Management

Reduce errors with detailed information. Set print times for future orders. Find, print and reprint easily.

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SMS Pickup Notices

Customers receive order-ready SMS texts to their smartphone notifying when it’s time to pick up the order.

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Pace On The Fly

Slots-based pacing keeps the kitchen out of the weeds. Order fulfillment estimates update system-wide instantly.

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The Smartest Kitchen Display

Bump to stations, print direct, manage inventory, recipe book, 86, inventory and much more.

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Is Rezku the POS system you’ve been searching for?

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Work from Anywhere. Manage Everything.

Rezku’s cutting-edge manager’s app gives you full system control on the go, unleashing your full-service restaurant’s true potential.

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Keep tabs on your business with Rezku's mobile reporting app.

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Detailed performance data for single and multiple locations.

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Modify your menu, permissions, pricing and more in a few taps.

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Track current KPI performance with real-time dashboard and analytics.

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Automatic alerts instantly send to your phone so you never miss a beat.

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Manage your entire business operations from anywhere, at any time.

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