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Reviews from Rezku's Valued Customers

Rezku is the choice of seasoned professionals and new businesses alike. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions to real-world challenges faced by restaurant, bar and pizzeria operators is unmatched in the industry. Rezku's customers streamline operations, achieve greater profitability and have one less thing to worry about. Here's what our customers have to say in their own words.

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Rezku is Revolutionizing Operations

land ocean testimonial
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"Having looked at so many different POS systems, Rezku is the best on the market.

We looked at other options and none of them had the personal service and touch and the technology that came with Rezku. So, we made the jump. And we've been really thrilled with it."

Mark Fucci

Manager, Land Ocean Restaurant

sienna testimonial
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"We're paying $15 an hour for every front of house staff in California.

With Rezku, they might run one table bigger in their section, so that's actually saving us money. Very quickly new staff comes on and they all go 'Wow, this is so easy.'"

Mark Platt

Owner, Sienna

south fork grille testimonial
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"It's one of those things where you didn't know this technology existed until you got it - and it's really changed our world - From training, to day-to-day execution,

We’re very happy with Rezku. We can’t imagine having another point of sale system."

Sean Doherty

Manager, South Fork Grille

sienna testimonial
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"Rezku helps me to have peace of mind"

"It’s so simple for my employees. They barely need any training for Rezku. It’s so simple and straightforward."

Rafi Rozbahani

Owner, Cafe Dantorels

Rezku Gets More Stars Than Anyone Else

For Restaurant POS

rezku 5 star app store ratings
chris caserta

Chris Caserta

Owner, The Hungry Diner

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"Our busy restaurant runs smoother because of Rezku.

We noticed an improvement right away because there is so much added value in the Rezku app. All of their employees care deeply about your success, and operate with a high level of integrity and competency."

5 star rating

Ease of use and customer support is superior in this field

They responded with patience and worked with us until we were comfortable with the system. Ease-of-use and customer support is superior in this field.

Teddy Wilcon, CFO

Trinidad Smokehouse

john millard

John Milliard

Owner, Pappy's Pizza

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"If you are shopping for a POS, You MUST consider Rezku! It will be one of your best decisions!"

5 star rating

Customer service really is number one

I chose Rezku POS because of how their support team treats me. Their customer service really is number one. Every time I call I feel like they really care.

Luigi Discioarro, Owner

Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

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"With Rezku, our business runs very smoothly. Order taking is a breeze, online ordering is fast and painless. It all just works! We were new to running a restaurant and Rezku made it easier for us to get started.

We are very happy with our choice of Rezku for our business."

joel and louise nylander

Joel & Louise Nylander

Owners Downtown Crepes

kevin hokenson

"Rezku POS helped improve every aspect of our restaurant and bar, from ticket times to customer service. Before we switched to Rezku I looked at 8 different systems.

When I came across Rezku POS, I found everything I was looking for."

Kevin Hokenson

General Manager, Jasper Ridge Brewery

testimonial from James Stewart

"I would tell everybody to switch to Rezku.

Since I brought Rezku in, my headaches are all gone. Rezku solves all my problems for me. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done."

James Stewart
Owner, Rico’s Pizza

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keryara schevenius

Keryara Schevenius

Owner, Andy & Friend’s Coney Bar

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"If you are shopping for a POS, You MUST consider Rezku! It will be one of your best decisions!"

5 star rating

Absolutely wonderful

Implementation was easy, and the customer service and tech staff have been easy to work with every step of the way.

Shannon Sykes, Owner/General Manager

83 West

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dave allred

"Rezku is truly the hidden gem of the POS world.

Considering the value you get for the price you pay, Rezku is truly the hidden gem of the POS world."

Dave "The Real Bar Man" Allred

Bar Consultant and YouTube Personality

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"I love Rezku because my staff was able to adapt instantly. This is the only POS that allows us to enter even the most complicated pizza order.

Rezku makes my life easier!"

angelo koukoularis

Angelo Koukoularis

Owner, Stonington Pizza

chris thomas

"Every restaurant should use Rezku! They are also truly a company I can trust. I can't imagine using a different POS.

Switching to Rezku POS was the best business decision I have ever made!"

Chris Thomas

Co-Owner Monterey Coastal Cuisine

chad nichols

"As my business evolves, so do the needs from my POS. Rezku customer support is the best of any company I have ever dealt with.

Within 30 seconds of dialing, I'm talking to a human being."

Chad Nichols

Owner, Arroyo Grill

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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