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POS software at its best, bonded with premium service.

While many POS products attempt to attract buyers with countless promotions and unusual offerings. Rezku focuses on our premium service, with transparency to our customers. Rezku believes it has a duty to provide the highest standard of after-sales service, and emphasizes this aspect as a key criterion of the Rezku experience.

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A message from our founder

Restaurant POS

Trusted by industry experts

We don’t just say we put our customers first,
we show it with our actions.

While most restaurant POS companies have to charge you a higher price to cover higher overhead and to please investors, Rezku cuts all the friction and unnecessary cost so we can give you a fair price that includes all the premium features you need at no additional charge. No more upcharges for features, no more complicated pricing structures or misleading discounts. Get the transparency and price you deserve.

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We are alongside every stride of your journey

When you ally with Rezku it’s like joining a family. Your individual triumph becomes our uppermost priority. From expert consulting to making technology practical, Rezku assures that its service addresses the loftiest expectations delivered by a team of hand-picked staff.

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Restaurant POS

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All the premium restaurant POS features you need to be successful without the burden of a heavy price tag

Online Ordering with Delivery

Rezku covers everything online ordering from A to Z. Get help at every step. We help you organize your menu, load images, and customize your site. Manage your online menu from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Third Party Online Ordering

Unify all of your 3rd party online ordering systems into one platform that gives you extraordinary control of the entire process.

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Restaurant POS

QR Codes

Customers order from their phone right to your kitchen. Give customers more control over their experience. Gain access to the fastest ordering and table service possible.

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Pay & Order at The Table

Serve your guests faster, with a more personal touch. Orders print to the kitchen wirelessly, so you can keep servers in their sections to provide a more attentive guest experience. Speed through checkout with pay at the table.

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Restaurant POS

Gift Card & Loyalty Program

Fully integrated with your point of sale, Rezku makes gift card purchases easy and convenient. Allow your customer to pay online or in store. Capture personalized data about each guest to understand and market to their preferences. Make your guests feel special with beautiful VIP customer loyalty program membership cards.

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Restaurant POS

Smart Kitchen Display System

An entirely reimagined update to kitchen display system. Designed to keep your kitchen moving. With cutting edge features to prevent costly mistakes and enable your staff to push plates to your guests faster.

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Restaurant POS

Customer Facing Display

Speed the line up with ultra-smooth transactions every time. Stop wasting paper with unnecessary receipts. Customize your display themes and images that fully express your brand identity.

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Restaurant POS

Inventory Management

Utilize Rezku’s advanced restaurant inventory system with ingredient-level inventory management. Every sale adjusts stock levels of your raw ingredients. Warning emails when stock levels drop below par ensure you never run out.

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Restaurant POS

Employee Management

Control your labor costs before payday with real-time labor tracking. Grant bookkeepers and managers access to employee timecards and labor reports off-site so you don't have to worry about it.

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Restaurant POS

Our customers love us


Customer service really is number one

I chose Rezku POS because of how their support team treats me. Their customer service really is number one. Every time I call I feel like they really care.

Luigi Discioarro, Owner, Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

It is so easy-to-use

I struggled with installation in the beginning but tech support was always there for me. They would really take the time to help me understand the hardware and software.

Tommy Choe, Owner, Bada Sushi

Absolutely wonderful

Implementation was easy, and the customer service and tech staff have been easy to work with every step of the way.

Shannon Sykes, Owner/General Manager, 83 West

Easy to use & inexpensive is a great combo

This is the best POS system I've ever used. Ease of use & ability to train others are a big deal. The cost of this compared to some of the other legacy systems I've used can't be beat either.

Jess Milbourn, Jr., Owner, Devil May Care Ice Cream

Why choose Rezku Restaurant POS System

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Advanced technology not found in other POS systems

Rezku gives you the latest technology before anyone else has it. While our competitors follow what we do, Rezku leads the industry, by being the first to market with the most robust offline mode, the highest PCI compliance and much more.

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Unparalleled live support

Rezku believes that it has a duty to provide the highest standard of after-sales service. Emphasizing this as a key criterion of the Rezku experience. For each customer Rezku ensures that after the sale, they will receive the care and attention needed to function effortlessly and prosperously.

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More data at your fingertips

Detailed Reports, KPI's, Analytics, and Real-time Dashboard give you unprecedented views of your business. Download raw data and never second guess how your business is doing from anywhere, anytime with our advanced remote portal.

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Free Software updates and upgrades (over 200 feature enhancements added per year)

Rezku gives you an always-evolving POS, updated based on your feedback and requests. While others may release 2 updates a year for their customers, Rezku releases and average 50 updates a year.

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All in one pricing

Rezku gives you the best value for your money with transparent, all inclusive pricing. With no extra charges for features, add ons or updates.

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Restaurant focused company (not beholden to investors)

While our competitors have to make their decisions based on pleasing venture firms and their investors, Rezku puts our customers' needs first. Rezku is privately held, in order to keep our focus on what matters most; the needs of our customers.

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When you ally with Rezku you’re joining our family. Your individual triumph is our utmost priority.

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