Kitchen Management System for Restaurants

Supercharge Production with Advanced Kitchen Management

Kitchen Management System for Restaurants

Rezku optimizes back of house operations, with effective technology to enhance kitchen communication, productivity and performance.

Kitchen Management System for Restaurants
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Advanced Kitchen Management Technology

With Rezku’s kitchen technology you can increase food production capacity by 18% or more and reduce errors in the kitchen by over 62%.

Rezku kitchen display system

Sophisticated touch-screen kitchen display system for superior command and control

Epson impact printer

Rugged Epson impact printers for heat and grease resistant printing on the hot side

Thermal sticker printer

Thermal sticker printers for custom labels for drinks, boxes and bags ensure quality control

Epson thermal printer

Epson thermal printers for rapid, cost effective printing on the cold side

Enhanced Station Routing Control

Rezku’s order-routing system allows for complex printing rules. Automatically split up orders, sending products and modifiers to each cook’s specialized station.

Printing Reliability You Can Count On

Rezku’s fast, rugged kitchen printers are built to keep up with demand. Featuring Epson impact, thermal and sticker printing for peerless reliability, speed and functionality.

KDS+Printers – The Perfect Match

Rezku’s kitchen displays and printers work together seamlessly, to achieve enhanced coordination and communication with your team.

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"Our busy restaurant runs smoother because of Rezku."

"We noticed an improvement right away. Rezku cares deeply about your success and operates with a high level of integrity and competency that is hard to find in today’s society."

Chris Caserta
Owner, The Hungry Diner

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The Smartest KDS You’ve Ever Seen

Reimagine the possibilities and do what’s impossible with just paper tickets. Rezku’s SmartKDS touch-screens give kitchen managers more control and better visualization of the entire production process.

Rezku kitchen display system

Set Multiple Viewing Modes

Take the view of Expo or any station, for phenomenal communication.

Live-Time Ticket Progress

Watch each order as items are crossed off in real-time.

Set RUSH Status

Tickets turn red and alert your cooks to high priority.

Sequential Order Numbers

Order numbers match in sequence between KDS and printers.

Empower Your Team for Excellence

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All-Day Orders

See how many units are required across all sent orders for confident batch cooking.

recipe book icon

Recipe Book

Tap any item to view its prep instructions and recipe on screen.

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Fully Adjustable

Set font and ticket sizes for comfortable viewing close up or at a distance.

custom alert sounds icon

Custom alert sounds

Set tones for incoming orders and for rushes, so cooks don’t miss any orders.

Supreme Control for Expediters

inventory icon

Update Inventory

86 items and update inventory directly on the KDS to ensure menu availability.

order pacing icon

Adjust Pacing Live

Set pacing for online orders in real time to keep the kitchen out of the weeds.

printer icon

Direct Print from KDS

Send orders to thermal, impact or label printers whenever you need to.

sms icon

Send SMS

Notify customers when their order is ready for pickup, via text message.

Step Into the Future of Kitchen Management Today

Rezku’s Smart KDS app is included with Rezku POS at no additional cost.

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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