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Rezku POS is the reliable all-in-one point of sale solution.

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Food Truck POS

No internet? No problem.

Rezku POS works even when you have spotty coverage. When you’re in the field you don’t always know what your internet situation is going to be. With our system you can vend in remote locations and have plenty of time to find a connection. Credit card transactions are saved for up to 3 days.

  • EMV and PCI compliant offline payments
  • Contactless support for Apple Pay and “tap to pay” cards
  • Payments process automatically when you’re back online
  • Compatible with mobile hot-spots and mobile data enabled iPads

The Rezku Food Truck POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Food Truck POS

Up To The Moment Sales Reporting

Rezku’s live cloud based reporting means all your food truck data is at your fingertips, day and night wherever you are that has internet.

  • View best sellers, sales-by-hour and product sales
  • Manage your stock based on the most popular items for a location
  • Use the infographic dashboard to see how hot business is or move on
  • Bookkeeping is easy with the same detailed reports that full-service restaurants use
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Inventory and Cost Management For Food Trucks

For mobile food vendors it’s critical to track your costs accurately and manage stock on hand carefully. Rezku POS helps you track supply levels and costs to help ensure profitability.

  • Price items based on cost to keep good margins
  • Stock levels adjust automatically with ingredient level tracking
  • Gear up before it’s too late! Monitor levels and buy before you run out
  • Auto-86’d disables products that are sold out so you don’t have to stop

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