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  • Bluetooth card reader
  • Bluetooth Epson M30 Printer
  • iPad Stand
Get started for as little as $349*
Rezku POS bundled devices for as little as $349*
Rezku POS bundled devices for as little as $349*

*iPad not included. 2 year agreement. See sales rep for complete details.


Offline Credit Card Processing

The most important POS feature for food trucks and mobile food vendors is taking payment in the field. With Rezku Point Of Sale say goodbye to those no-bars nightmares.

  • Even without internet you can take all types of payment cards
  • Seamless offline mode doesn’t disturb you on a spotty connection
  • Automatically knows to wait to process payment until you're online
  • Set offline transaction limits to customize payment availability to suit you
  • Use a mobile hotspot or iPad data connection to take real time payments
  • Works with Apple Pay and Google Pay too!

With Rezku POS’s mobile payment solution you can vend at a remote location and batch your payments when you're back home with internet. It’s just that easy!

Food Truck POS Food Truck POS mobile management Food Truck POS backoffice management
  • High-resolution color menu images make ordering fast and easy
  • Forced modifiers mean the kitchen always gets a complete and accurate order
  • Offline Mode keeps you going even without internet — even credit card payments!
  • Get all sales data from anywhere you have internet
  • Audit timecards from your mobile phone to maintain employee compliance
  • View sales exceptions to see who’s giving discounts and opening the cash drawer
  • Export data to spreadsheets and make bookkeeping easy
  • Track food costs and monitor net sales to get a better idea of profits
  • Simple menu design system is easy to update and modify

Learn what Rezku POS can do for your food truck

Up To The Moment Sales Reporting

Rezku’s live cloud based reporting means all your food truck data is at your fingertips, day and night wherever you are that has internet.

View best sellers, sales-by-hour and product sales

Manage your stock based on the most popular items for a location

Use the infographic dashboard to see how hot business is or move on

Bookkeeping is easy with the same detailed reports that full-service restaurants use

Using your POS system to track trends is just smart business. Use this information to help you plan in advance what to stock, how much, when and where to park your truck.

Inventory and Cost Management For Food Trucks

For mobile food vendors it’s critical to track your costs accurately and manage stock on hand carefully. Rezku POS helps you track supply levels and costs to help ensure profitability.

Price items based on cost to keep good margins

Stock levels adjust automatically with ingredient level tracking

Gear up before it’s too late! Monitor levels and buy before you run out

Auto-86’d disables products that are sold out so you don’t have to stop

Ingredient-level product costing brings full-service restaurant menu engineering practices to your food truck. Now you can confidently price your menu according to costs and profit targets to maintain margins to keep your business running.

Simplify Your Food Truck Bookkeeping

Good record keeping is integral to small business success. With Rezku POS you don’t need to be an accountant to master bookkeeping like a pro.

Labor costs, payroll and taxes made simple

Make sure you’re always paying the right amount of taxes

Integrated time-clock tracks employee hours and shows you how much to pay

Data exports to any spreadsheet system including Quickbooks and Excel

Accounting is serious business that your mobile food cart needs to prioritize. Many food-truck owners don't think they have the time to do it right. The truth is bookkeeping can be easy. And all your data is automatically backed up and saved for the future in our secure cloud.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Day or night you can reach a real person passionate about your business' success. Integrated chat on our apps, website and email, and our phone support gets you answers fast.

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